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SPECIAL POST: #JalanJogja November 2015


Due to requests, here is an overview of #JalanJogja for you guys who are travelling to Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta) soon. Posts on #CamNam is still going on every Thursday and Friday, so individual posts on accommodations, attractions and restaurants in #JalanJogja will only be uploaded next year. If you need further info on the places I've visited, do leave a comment here or contact me on my Twitter @sheasonia


Borobudur, Yogyakarta

14 - 17 November 2015 (4 days 3 nights)
2 pax

14 Nov 2015 (Saturday)

1515 - 1650 : KUL - JOG. Over 2 hours flight but Yogya is 1 hour behind Malaysia. Took Trans Jogja to halte Malioboro 2
1700 - 1830 : Check in @ Dafam Fortuna. Rest & dinner
1830 - 2230 : Ramayana Ballet in Prambanan OR
2000 - 2200 : Pagelaran Wayang @ Sonobudoyo Museum*

15 Nov 2015 (Sunday)

0355 - 0512 : Subuh
0800 - 0900 : Sunday Morning (SunMor market) @ University Gadjah Mada (UGM)
0920 - 1000 : Sonobudoyo Museum
1010 - 1200 : Kraton
1200 - 1300 : Taman Sari, Masjid Sumur Gumuling and lunch
1430 - 1600 : Kota Gede (old Mataram). Asar & Zohor
1830 - 1930 : Dinner. Maghrib & Isya'
1930 - 2200 : Malioboro Street

16 Nov 2015 (Monday)

0355 - 0512 : Subuh
0800 - 0830 : Breakfast
0830 - 0900 : Check-out and head to Mt. Merapi*
1030 - 1230 : Mt. Merapi*. Zohor & Asar. Lunch
1400 - 1430 : Check-in @ Manohara Hotel Borobudur
1830 - 1930 : Dinner. Maghrib & Isya'

17 Nov 2015 (Tuesday)

0400 - 0800 : Subuh. Sunrise @ Borobudur. Borobudur Museum.
0830 - 1150 : Breakfast. Rest. Zohor & Asar.
1200 - 1210 : Check-out
1340 - 1510 : Prambanan Temple, Candi Sewu, Plaosan* & Ratu Boko
1520 - 1530 : Arrive @ airport
1720 - 2045 : JOG - KUL


Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan


1) Check the Ramayana Ballet in Prambanan schedule, they don't have it every night. Depending on the time of the year, the ballet will be held outside (with Prambanan as the backdrop) or indoor in the Trimurti Theater. Book tickets via phone call/WhatsApp or email. Payment at the ticket counter upon arrival.

2) My back up plan for Saturday night was the Pagelaran Wayang @ Sonobudoyo Museum. Not sure if it is still going on. No show on Sunday and public holiday.

3) I didn't do Mt. Merapi on Monday morning. According to a tour guide, viewing Mt. Merapi depends on luck. Best to arrange a flexible schedule with your driver so when it is not cloudy, you can head to Mt. Merapi. Otherwise, go somewhere else. "Kalau dari Jogja atau Borobudur, nampak Merapinya, baru terus singgah. Kalau tidak mungkin bisa nampak awan saja".

4) Audio Visual Show on Borobudur passes (valid on arrival day between 5 pm - 9 pm) + Borobudur passes are included in the Manohara Hotel room rates. So I entered Borobudur before 5 pm on Monday and then went back to the hotel to watch the audio visual presentation. I also visited the Borobudur Museum on Monday instead of Tuesday.

5) I checked-out from Manohara Hotel at 11 am because I wanted to spend longer time at Prambanan. Ended up not visiting Candi Sewu, Plaosan and Ratu Boko.



Mr. Yono
Facebook : Jogja Tour N Transport
Email :
Whatsapp : +628 5729 144 876
Rate inclusive of car rental, driver and gas. 
Parking charges not included (between IDR 2k to IDR 10k per place)

Becak (trishaw) is an option if you want to get around Jogja city. Rates between IDR 10k - IDR 30k.
Some will try to bring you to buy souvenirs from their partner's shops. Best to know where you're heading and decline if you're not interested in shopping. Agree on a price before hopping on a trishaw.

Trans Jogja bus is a cheap way to get around the city especially from the airport. They have 8 different routes.  From airport to Malioboro, take the 1A line and get off at halte Malioboro 1 or halte Malioboro 2, depending on which one is nearer to your hotel.
Read here for more details.



RM 2635 for 2 pax (including flight, accommodation, transportation, meals & attractions)

Cash brought IDR 3.4 mil. Changed another IDR 3 mil in Yogyakarta at poorer rate. 

RM 1 = IDR 3095 
RM 1 = IDR 3074

Flight and Manohara Hotel Borobudur paid in advance. Dafam Fortuna in cash upon arrival.

Actual Expenditure in Yogya

Accommodation - IDR 1.1 mil 
Transport & Parking - IDR 1.51 mil + IDR 47k. Bus and trishaw IDR 47.2k
Attractions - IDR 1.48 mil (inclusive camera charge and official guide)
Meals - IDR 410k
Shopping/Donations/Tips - 466k

Cash balance IDR 1.26 mil
Note: Paid for some souvenirs using credit card

Is Yogyakarta an expensive city? Depends.

  I found that I spent less than budgeted for meals and shopping. Yono, the driver I hired took us to restaurants and grocers where the locals eat/shop. No touristy price. I didn't get local sim card and relied on free WiFi. I didn't shop much and even if I paid all the souvenirs in cash, the total is still below my budgeted amount.

  There are many beggars and street performers in Malioboro street, at the tourist attractions and in the markets. It is a good idea to have some small notes and coins with you. Giving alms and tipping shouldn't put a dent on your wallet. 

My rules for alms and tippingLoose coins or IDR 2k - IDR 5k for alms
IDR 5k - IDR 25k for tipping (people who entertained me or made my life easier)

However, transportation and attractions fees can add up to be quite expensive here. I didn't do Mt. Merapi volcano and saved at least IDR 660k there. Taking the public bus from airport and getting a hotel within walking distance to Malioboro Street also saved some cash. 

  Shopping is another culprit in bursting one's budget. Set a shopping budget, stick to it and you'll be fine. Really, you don't need 10 boxes of bakpia or dozens of batik. Sunday Morning market (only on Sunday) in UGM is a good place to find pretty trinkets and souvenirs at fair price.

Be smart. Enjoy Jogja!

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