Thursday, 17 December 2015

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market

I don't think the Ben Thanh Market needs any introduction. It is THE shopping spot for many Malaysians when they visit Ho Chi Minh City. It is popular with tourists looking for souvenirs, clothes and local food. I even saw textile and lace!

  The market can be a bit disorienting but fear not! There are at least 4 entrances and you should be able to find a layout of the market at the entrance. Souvenirs, clothes, local cuisines, etc. all are sold at their own sections. The sellers were not aggressive but helpful enough should you show interest in their fine wares.

  If you aren't comfortable with huge crowd, try to visit during non-peak hours. There is no such thing as 'personal space' here. The locals have no qualms about pushing you aside if you're in their way. No, they aren't being rude or rough, just paving their own way in a tight place :)

  Like my partner said, "masuk Ben Thanh memang confirm batal wudhu'"

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