Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Bhuping Palace, Suthep

Bhuping Palace
Suthep, Muang
Chiang Mai

0830 - 1530 daily

Entrance Fee
Foreigner: 50B
Adult: 20B

Bhuping Palace

Also spelled as Bhubing or Phu Ping Royal Palace locally, this winter palace is located on Doi Suthep. It also double as royal guesthouse for prominent visitors. One can't miss the palace on the way up towards Hmong Village or Khun Chang Kian. You can take songthaew or hire private car or scooter to get here.

  Kalau nak bandingkan dengan Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Istana Bhuping atau lebih tepat lagi taman ni kurang popular. Banyak pakej yang bawa ke Wat Phra That Doi Suthep sahaja. Mungkin sebab bunga mekar cantik ikut musim. Jadi ada masa yang agak sendu dan kurang menarik untuk dikunjungi.

Note: Please dress conservatively. You're visiting a palace.

Bhuping Palace

Ticket booth is near the parking area. After purchasing your ticket, cross the road and present your ticket to the staff. 

  Staff kat sini nampak macam pegawai tentera. Mungkin memang tentera agaknya. Kata istana kan? Lepas dah tunjuk tiket, jemput jalan kaki. Tak ada trem atau basikal atau apa. Jalan nak masuk tu macam jauh tapi tak terasa pun sebab ralit tengok bunga. 

Bhuping Palace

My favourite area gotta be the rose garden. Colourful roses were blooming and gave off sweet scent. Some of them didn't have any scent but most were very fragrant! They even have different smell.

Bhuping Palace
Rose Garden

Bhuping Palace

Bhuping Palace

Bhuping Palace
Green House

Visitors will get to see the gorgeous royal garden filled with beautiful and colourful flowers and my favourite sweet-smelling roses. You can also take photos of the palace but won't be allowed to go near.

  The green house is near the rose garden and there are many interesting spots that will make gorgeous backgrounds for your photos. There is no specific route to follow. Just wander as you wish.

Bhuping Palace
Notice the huge tree behind the signage?

Bhuping Palace
Path across the palace area

Bhuping Palace
At the end of the climb

Bhuping Palace
A bridge

There is also a water reservoir you can check out. I didn't because... look at those stairs! But pics from Google looked pretty nice.

  Katanya ada fountain show juga tapi tak tahu la masih wujud ke tak.

Bhuping Palace

Visit if:
  • You have the time
  • You enjoy gardens and parks
  • You're dressed appropriately (no shorts, no sleeveless)
  • You're willing to walk. A lot
  • It's the "right" time of the year. I visited in late Jan and the flowers were blooming
Some people found the royal garden magical while others thought it was a waste of their time.

Bhuping Palace
I don't mind. It's not expensive and the weather was nice

If you go, expect to spend about a couple of hours to explore the place properly.

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