Friday, 11 September 2015

Pasembor Padang Broom

Another short trip to Penang! Wheee~

Mom said Gurney Drive is too tourist-y and overrated. I have no idea what she meant. My favourite go-to place for fried kuetiau is still the Chinese fella in Gurney Drive but mom wanted to try some place new. So we headed to Padang Brown a.k.a Padang Broom instead. I read somewhere that that is where the locals eat.

I am so glad that we did. Look what I found!

Another bowl of delicious ice kacang!!!

Ice kacang Padang Broom

Now I have 3 places to go to if I crave ice kacang in this pearl island. Up the Penang Hill, Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul and Padang Broom!

Anyway, we still haven't decide what to eat so Padang Brown/Broom was perfect for us. Found the place using Waze and parking was plenty. Lots of food available to choose from - nasi ayam, pasembur, something celup and many more. The celup place was full. All the tables were occupied so we walked further towards the bright lights of pasembor seller.  

Pasembor Padang Broom

I have never eaten pasembor before. They look like a plateful of vegetables and things that I don't eat. I've never eaten rojak as well. So I ordered mee goreng mamak no veggie (mamak-style fried mee). 

Padang Broom
<3<3<3 a bit too spicy for me

Mom went and piled up the plate with stuff. I pushed aside the veggies and tasted the crunchy stuff; I poked them first to make sure that they aren't squishy tofu/fish balls/squid balls. They are quite delicious! 

Padang Broom

Taste - GOOD!
Price - Mom said cheap. Way cheaper than Gurney Drive and Padang Kota.
Ambiance - It's a food court with grassy space in the middle where some operators placed extra tables for al fresco dining.

Not sure what the place is like during the day. Warm, perhaps (they open 4 p.m onwards). We went on a rainy night so it was okay. 

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