Thursday, 29 October 2015

Krabi Night Market, Krabi Town

Krabi Night Market

Krabi Night Market in Soi Maharat 8
Friday - Sunday
1700 - 2200

I booked transport from hotel for 200 THB/person. Pick up at 7 pm and I was given about 3 hours to explore.

On the day I visited, it looked as if it was going to rain. So, I walked around quickly, aiming for things I'd want to buy later and went to find a cafe or restaurant to hide in while it rained.

After the rain, I resumed my exploration (shopping) at a more leisurely pace and got myself more food and some souvenirs. The things sold here can be cheaper or more expensive than in Aonang. It is kind of hard to tell so try to bargain and if you think the price make sense, buy. Some goods can only be found here while others can be found in Aonang, for cheaper/higher price. I really don't know how to tell.

I got all my souvenirs from a shop here. They sold pretty little fridge magnets, notepads, pouch and other stuff which I didn't find elsewhere. My girlfriend saw a pretty Bieber (harem) pants but thought that it was too expensive. She got cheaper ones in Aonang but none as pretty as the one she saw in Krabi town. So use your shopping instinct ;)

Krabi Night Market

They have little cultural shows all over the market with a main stage featuring more professional performers. Good luck finding a table!

Krabi Night Market
Something to distract the kids

Krabi Night Market

Krabi Night Market
The famous (and cheap) bamboo booze

Muslims can find halal food here. There were fried chicken, takoyaki, mango sticky rice and lots of other food. If you're unsure, just ask the seller nicely. Some of them even displayed the halal sign prominently.


I told you that I went to find some place to take shelter from the rain, didn't I? I forgot whether I used Google Map or Waze but I saw a halal place near the night market. On the way, I found the famous crab statue and that familiar scenery of Krabi River Estuary.

Krabi Town

Krabi Town

You might want to come earlier while there's still daylight to check out these places before heading to the night market when you visit Krabi. 

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