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Patong Spa & Shopping

Patong Spa & Shopping

Two things you don't want to miss while you're in Patong are shopping and spa.

If you're big town kind of girl (or boy) and want something familiar, you can get your shopping and spa fix at the Jungceylon Mall

You can find outlets offering facial deals at ground floor and 1st floor of the mall. There's a cinema at the top floor along with some kiosks selling goods like phone accessories, beauty products and home decoration. Don't be surprised when you see beds for the facial spa. It's like one big room where everyone get their treatments together.

If you're looking for scrubs, soaps, massage oils and the likes, head down to the lower ground. You can shop comfortably in air-cond and then eat at the cafeteria or get a massage from one of the parlours. The price is standard, Thai massage from 300 THB; cheaper options can be found outside of the mall. I chose an outlet which has the treatment area a bit hidden from the front counter. 

If you are tired of malls, you can always venture out and check the shops along the road opposite or next to Jungceylon Malls. The cute tops below were selling for 100 THB each at the shops across from Jungceylon Mall.

They don't have aircond so you'll sweat a bit. Wear something comfortable and be ready to bargain.

Statement sleeveless

Most of the massage parlours offer mani pedi and facial. However, I suggest sticking to massage at massage parlours and get your mani pedi at a proper nail spa like Valentina

I went to Valentina to fix an unsatisfying pedicure I got from a massage parlour. They call what I usually do as Japanese manicure (I didn't know that) and we had a brief guessing game as the manicurist try to figure out what I wanted. 

Honestly, I was expecting a quick fix job since I already had a pedicure the day before but the manicurist scrubbed, buffed, poked, shaped and God knows what and I got a set of REALLY pretty toe nails for only 400 THB (including ugly polish removal). I tend to marvel at my own nails and stare at them after pedi but this time, I stared longer. She made my nails looked so shiny and pretty and so cute and just HEALTHY. Like pink healthy. 

P.s. It is over a month and my toe nails are still shiny!

Valentina Nail & Spa Patong

Find Valentina among a row of shops towards Karon Beach from Jungceylon. It's on your right.

Best massage parlour for me is the Pothingham. I don't remember the correct spelling but you can find it at the alley next to Patong Beach's Burger King. Walk down the alley, just before a junction, the parlour is on your right. It is opposite a restaurant. Best Thai massage on my #WetPhuket trip.

Patong Shopping

Right next to Jungceylon are several shops. Head towards Hard Rock Cafe and enter the first shop alley. The Bangladeshi in 3rd or 4th shop (I can't remember) sells clothes and speak good Malay. Very willing to reduce price as well. Negotiate wisely! :)

Some of the stuff in Phuket/Patong are cheaper than Bangkok and Krabi. If you don't know the standard price, go to a few shops to compare prices. Convert to your currency and if you think it's a fair price, ask to reduce price by 20-30% :p

Thai massage starts from 250 THB and I found that Krabi can be more expensive than Patong. If you frequent a parlour (I went for massage every day in Thailand), or bring friends, you might get further discount as well. 

So... that's about it on #WetPhuket. Will tell you about #KeKrabi next week ;)

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