Sunday, 19 June 2016

Nut & Seed Brittle

Nutty Crunch
Nut & Seed Brittle

These brittles are known locally as almond crunch, florentine cookies, nutty crunch, bepang and several other names. Whatever you call them, they are favourite all year round. Making it is so easy, you should totally do it!


250g Bienetta/Florentine/Florenta flour 
300g - 400g mixed nuts
I used...
+ 100g almond flakes
+ 100g pumpkin seeds
+ 100g sunflower seeds

A sprinkle of black sesame (10g)


1) Bake nuts and seeds for 5 mins at 100°C. Mix well with Bienetta/Florentine/Florenta flour once cool. 

Nutty Crunch

2) Pour onto two lined cookie sheets. Sprinkle black sesame.

3) Bake at 160°C for 15 minutes. Rotate the tray after 10 minutes. Leave in over for about 2-5 mins to brown.
Nut & Seed Brittle

Nut & Seed Brittle

While making these yummy munchies isn't hard, packing it can be quite a challenge. So here are few tips to make your life easier.

i) Pour onto one lined cookie sheet if you want thicker brittle with more bite

ii) If it's your first time, halve the recipe and work with only one cookie sheet because you gotta be fast with this thing

iii) Cut immediately after taking the tray out from oven. Caution: HOT!

iv) Use the white baking paper to line your tray. The brown one can be a pain to work with

v) If you're using the brown one, fret not! After cutting, take the whole sheet to cool for a few seconds and turn the thing upside down onto a clean tray or flat surface. Peel the baking paper carefully. Less breaking this way.

Happy baking and munching!

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