Thursday, 4 August 2016

Laksa Janggus, Balik Pulau

Laksa Janggus

Laksa Janggus
Jalan Kampung Perlis
11020 Balik Pulau

Thursday - Sunday : 1530 - 2000 (Close Wednesday)

Laksa Janggus

Taste - Okay
Price - Average
Ambiance - Not very comfortable

Overall <3<3<3 of 5 kisses

Laksa Janggus
Mine without veggie

There was a time when I didn't like laksa except for Johore laksa but that changed after I had laksa with fried egg. See Laksa Telur Goreng Bersarang and Laksa Pokok Limau.

If I had tried Laksa Janggus, I probably still won't be a fan. Don't get me wrong. It's is sedaplah but nothing special. Mine was tasty enough because I asked for no veggie and could still taste the kuah. The normal one with mint and other veggie tasted... sweet. And that's not really the taste you want for your bowl of laksa. To be fair, many people said that this laksa taste delicious so perhaps it was a matter of inconsistent taste?

It was raining when I visited and many of the tables were not cleaned. There was also a bad smell while I was waiting at the table. Considering their popularity, they really should pay more attention to hygiene.

  Queue for laksa and drinks moved quickly but the banana fritters queue took ages. My friend gave up after standing on the same spot for over 10 minutes.

Laksa Janggus

I won't say my veggie-free bowl of laksa was a disappointment. It tasted good, much better than the one with veggie but it was nothing to rave about. The saviour was the ABC, which was delicious but wasn't really enjoyable because of the 'wrong' weather.

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