Friday, 20 January 2017

Save My Bag, KLCC

Save My Bag

Save My Bag
Lot 203C Level 2
Kuala Lumpur

Save My Bag (SMB) is an Italian brand offering gorgeous vibrant-coloured and super-light bags. Our neighbour, Singapore has got their own store for over a year and now, finally we have our own Save My Bag boutique! 

Initially, SMB was meant to be cover bags (save YOUR bag -get it?) with its rain-proof and washable features but eventually people started to use the bags on their own because they are so adorable!

Save My Bag Malaysia

Save My Bag Malaysia

Hurry and visit their store! You'll be spoilt for choice.
I swear I spent over 2 hours trying to decide which bag to choose even when I knew I wanted either a red or a white/cream bag. 

Then I saw a gorgeous shade of red, I think they called it metallics bolero. At the same time, there is the red with black handle bag I was eyeing from the start. The metallics bolero red bag is a beauty but a little bit too fancy because I was looking for a casual bag. But it's so prettyyyyyy! 

Pretty right?!

To confuse me further, there is the handsome City bag in dusty coffee (greyish brown). If I am still working in corporate, I'd grab it without a second thought. Seriously, you gotta go to the store and see it for yourself.

I'm not even going to go into the print bags. They are just cool and perfect for a casual weekend hangout. Some design were already sold out when I visited!

Anyway, after a long and careful consideration, I chose the one that first caught my eyes...

Save My Bag Malaysia
Hello! I'm Popstar in Geranium Red

... and customised it with my zodiac sign and white keychain jelly fish! 

I'm going to visit again soon because I have a print bag in mind but who knows which bag I'll end up with next :)

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