Thursday, 12 October 2017

PeppaVille Resort, Tanarimba

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

PeppaVille Resort
A323 Jalan Tanarimba Sum Sum
Janda Baik Bentong
28750 Bukit Tinggi
Pahang Darul Makmur

(+60)12 548 2223

This is a boutique resort nestled in the forest of Tanarimba in Janda Baik. You may have heard of Tanarimba as it is a popular venue for outdoor weddings. This resort is further in. You can easily find it using Waze but just as easily, you might miss the turning so watch out if you're driving over at night or in bad weather.

  There are two security posts to go through. The first time you drive in, you will have to leave your driving license at the guard post. I already submitted my car registration number to the resort's contact person earlier. As I went for tea in the kampung nearby, I picked up my driving license and when we returned, we were given an overnight pass. I didn't have to surrender my license again.

Easy via online, I used

Good as a comfortable nature retreat. A bit of a drive so guests will have to plan for their meals and transportation

Average. RM480 for 3 pax

Decent breakfast

Excellent. Very helpful staff. 

Overall 4 <3<3<3<3 of 5

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

At RM160 per pax for a night, it may seem expensive to some. After all, the three of you are sharing one bathroom. Even with breakfast thrown in, some of you may still have to think about it.

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

The bathroom could be another issue to some. The shower(s) might wet the whole floor because of the way the room was designed. The floor was level so water can get just about everywhere. Then there's a long stone bench. My friend teased that it was like in a sauna but we can take shower together.

  And please shut the small ventilation window while you're in the shower. Those in the opposite block might get an accidental peep.

  Breakfast consisted of tea or coffee and eggs (choose your preferred style), a couple of toasts with a tub of butter, baked beans, side leafy stuff (salad), sausages and meatloaf. Ala carte. Some climbing expected to get to the dining area. So if you have an invalid or elderly person in your party, you may want to arrange something with the resort in advance.

  All that said, consider this view from our room.

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

Oh that one is a little shaky. I don't know why quite a few of the pics I took here are blurry. Maybe I was shaking with excitement.

  But seriously...

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

Consider that this is less than 2-hour drive from city centre. Serene. Peaceful. Gorgeous.

  I think it's worth it. Our goal was to relax and recuperate anyway. So one night was just nice for us. Two nights would probably be more satisfying but really there wasn't much to do for city folks other than rest or enjoy the nature.

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

They have an okay swimming pool. Not sure of the depth but probably safe for kids with adult supervision.

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

The swing is probably everyone's favourite spot. So wake up early. It is at the dining area by the way.

PeppaVille Resort Janda Baik

Good parking spots are limited so please carpool if possible.

I'd recommend a one-night stay for family with grown children or couple and small group of friends seeking to escape the crazy city.

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