Thursday, 3 July 2014

First Galleria, Taiping

Why should you visit First Galleria the next time you visit Taiping?

If you love history, you'll love this place. The building was restored and now under private management. So, it is not just well-curated but also well-taken care of.

Check out the link above or picture below for details on visiting hours and such. I recommend visiting in the morning so you can walk outside as there are plenty to see. Read: photo op!

First Galleria Taiping Info
Info board outside

First Galleria

First Galleria
Taiping Peace Wall

First Galleria

First Galleria

First Galleria - outdoor
Choo choo!

First Galleria
Let's go in!

There is entry fee here and we got a tour guide! But before the tour started, we were asked to watch an introduction video. Please pay attention!

Tickets <3

Welcome Video
The welcome video

Pretty Decor
Decor at lobby/reception area

Visitors aren't allowed to take photos in the gallery except for in areas allowed by the tour guide. 

Reading Room
Reading Room

Shea and mirrors
Shea and mirror. Whatelse ;)

I was informed that the exhibition in Kapitan Gallery will be changed every 4 months. Currently on show is the First Railway Station. Look out for the new exhibition after September!

Ticket seller
Enchek, ticket to KL satu please!

Tour guide and model
The tour guide

First planned township in Malaysia

First Railway Station
In case you want something to read while you wait for the train

The guide I got was very informed and she had patiently answered all my questions. She didn't rush me off like some museum guides tend to do. I spent more than enough time strolling around the gallery gazing at old photographs, looking at old pictures and reading all the info. 

Tour ended at the souvenir shop. They'll usually have something that is in theme with what ever special exhibition on show but nothing interest me so all I got from the shop was a bottle of orange juice.

Visit it for I'm sure you'll learn something new just like I did!

Abandoned railway office
That across the road is the abandoned railway office

Hope you'll have as much fun as I did!

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