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Bangkok Bachelorette Party

Date: 13 - 15 September 2014 (Saturday to Sunday)

Bangkok is famous for the delicious Thai cuisine, rejuvenating Thai massage and that unique Thai nightlife. Always in the top spot for a party destination, it offers a little bit of something for everyone. Made total sense to us as we're avoiding the sand & sun before the big day(s).

Don Mueang Airport
Hello Bangkok!

Upon arriving in Don Mueang on late Saturday afternoon, we took the airport cab to our accommodation in Sukhumvit. Only 700 Baht excluding the tol charge which was about 100 Baht.

It's true that in Bangkok, taking cab is easier and cheaper if there are more than 3 people in your party.

Check-in at Waterford Diamond Tower was a breeze. The 2-bedroom junior suite accommodated 4 of us comfortably. FREE WiFi available for 2 devices and additional access can be purchased at 100 Baht per device.

Waterford Diamond Tower
2-Bedroom Junior Suit - the master bedroom

Waterford Diamond Tower
Bilik bibik =p

There was only one shower room but luckily none of us was a bathroom hogger! The hotel/apartment has an okay swimming pool which we didn't get to enjoy as we were all on our time of the month :'(

Right opposite the main road was a boutique shopping mall called Rain Hill. I kept thinking of Rain Tree. Love the jungle concept!

Rain Hill

Oh, cars stop for you when you cross the road using the pedestrian walk. I was muy impressed & amazed!

Anyway, there are plenty of bars and bistro in Rain Hill. There are a couple hair salons, nail parlours, a grocer (Thai version of AEON) and a couple other shops. We had our tea at Au Bon Pain and did our hair/nails for the night.

First night in Bangkok, we went for Indian food near Nana BTS. For the first time in my life I tasted spicy papadom. Not my cup of tea. Love the chicken tikka and saffron rice though.

Food we ordered were generally spicy but quite delicious, unfortunately slow service. The manager said they prepare everything fresh. Even the bottled water we ordered, I guess :p Those bottles arrived way after the dishes were served.

Next, the highlight of the trip, the main reason for choosing Bangkok, the rooftop bar! That first night we went to Above Eleven in Fraser Suites. 

Above Eleven view

Gorgeous view.
A somewhat smart casual outlet, this is the place where you can sit, drink and chat with your friends while enjoying the music and the view. 

Yes, works for a romantic date too :)

Shea Sonia at Above Eleven

We stayed till late and I mean really late, the staff were cleaning up the place already.

Next day right after much needed beauty sleep, we headed to Chatuchak Market for what else... SHOPPING!!!

If you're familiar with Rantau Panjang and Pengkalan Kubor, you'll notice that there are some similarities between the two places and Chatuchak Market. Only better because Chatuchak Market offers variety (and I mean variety) of goods from cheap clothes to gorgeous home decor. Stock up on souvenirs here.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market

Another reason to visit Chatuchak Market  is the food. Like seriously. My girlfriends went looking for the coconut ice cream from street vendor (no they didn't get stomach ache later) and my favourite- a halal shop selling one of the best tomyam I've ever had!

Coconut Ice Cream
Coconut Ice Cream

Tom Yam in Chatuchak Market

And the cherry on top?
A massage parlor with free WiFi right next door! 

Chatuchak Market

Massage at Chatuchak Market
Foot and back massage

Done for the day? Haha far from over. From Chatucak Market we took a cab to Terminal 21, an airport-themed shopping complex for *cheap* dresses and accessories. Oh and coffee. And delicious cake.

Terminal 21

Gorgeous dresses are on Tokyo level, accesories on Istanbul (I think). Your usual familiar brands like Nike, Jaspal, H&M, Charles & Keith and Levi's are on level G- Rome and M floor- Paris. Plenty of props for photo opp and... the longest (and scariest) escalator I've ever seen.

Terminal 21

Once we've got everything we needed, we headed back to Waterford Diamond Tower for our nap in anticipation of another late night. It rained. And some parts of Bangkok flooded. So our date, I mean... host, arrived later than planned.

Luckily we didn't have to take the rescue boat or anything. Our part of town wasn't affected and we got to Lebua at State Tower fine via cab. After dessert in Breeze, our charming host took us upstairs to the famous Sirocco Skybar where unfortunately the outdoor area was closed due to poor weather.

Breeze in Lebua

Last day in Bangkok, we lazed around until check-out time, took some photos at the swimming pool area, left our luggage with the front-desk and went for Thai Massage. Plenty of spa to choose from and the cheapest we saw was 200 Baht for traditional Thai massage almost as good as the one in Thai Odyssey. Minus the fancy foot scrub, ambiance and tea of course.

Lunch was at Usman Thai Muslim Food in soi 22. If you love Thai food, you wouldn't want to miss this place. Delicious food, friendly owner and free WiFi.

Usman Thai Muslim Food green curry

Happy and well-fed, we took a cab to collect our luggage and then off to the airport~ All for only 500 Baht. 

In the Don Mueang airport, we had a couple of hours to kill so we had blow & dry at the only salon in the airport (you can skip this, unless your hair REALLY need a wash), did last minute shopping and ate. Don't bother hanging out outside, just get into boarding lounge already. The shops are better and seats more comfortable inside. Well... except for that they don't have a salon.

And that wrapped our Bangkok Bachelorette Party!

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