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Port Dickson Golf & Country Club

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So you know that I stayed in Port Dickson Golf & Country Club during my recent trip to the vacation spot. It is not near the beach but it has a decent-looking swimming pool so that's alright. You can always drive to one of the many beaches in the area anyway.

Port Dickson Golf & Country Club
I got block B!

Booking - Easy via Agoda
Rate - Fair. RM140/night for standard room with breakfast
Location - Good. Easy to find, unfortunately not a beach property.
Dining - Didn't try the breakfast. 
Service - Average

Overall 3 <3<3<3 of 5

It is easy to find the hotel as you can see the signboard from the main road. Slow down once you see the hospital, it's somewhere nearby. You'll pass the golf course (duh!) first then some army houses/college I can't remember. Don't panic, you're on the right course. No sexy buff army men in sight though :(

Find the clubhouse-looking building, park at the driveway like a douche (make sure you block the traffic) and collect your room key from reception. Check-in is at 3 p.m, no fuss. I just gave them my name and they handed the key. I forgot to ask about the free breakfast arrangement though and there was no telephone (well, ada actually but they unhooked & kept it in the cupboard) in the room so I didn't bother to go walk to the club house.

Drive up a little slope and park nearby your assigned block. Plenty of parking there. Well, if those going to the driving range didn't tarpao all the parking spots first. I had no trouble finding one near my block/room though.

No elevator, so if you have elder people/invalids with you try to get the room on ground floor. Room was okay. Better than the pictures in Agoda. I hate old fashioned furniture but the one in the room I got was tolerable. No gaudy gold sheet.


1) Old-style room key, thus I was skeptical of the security. Before bed, I found the door ajar (safety chain was on) and the door looked uhm... fragile? Like someone had kicked it before.

2) Small shower space, weak shower pressure


1) Spacious, clean room

2) More beds than I needed (1 queen & 1 single)

3) Almost well-equipped room (prayer mat, kettle, basic coffee & tea stuff, iron, mini bar, etc.) No hair-dryer though

Room key
Hotel key and the big ass key chain *wink wink*

Bed Port Dickson Golf & Country Club
One for me one for my luggage

Single bed
Ceiling fan available if you're a fan

See that ajar window. It CAN be closed with MUCH trouble.

Macam-macam ada dalam cupboard ni... telephone among others

Sitting area
Old-fashion telly & gaudy clock

Vanity table
Plenty of space~

Mini bar Port Dickson Golf & Country Club
Empty mini bar but useful to keep your store-bough drinks chilled

Balcony didn't face the driving range so that's a good thing, I guess. 

Balcony PD Golf & Country Club
Look! Place to hang your wet swimming suit

Balcony view
Walk down that path to reach the swimming pool & clubhouse

The hotel is a good, clean place to rest for the night. Nothing fancy but good enough especially if like me, you plan to stay out visiting the beach & town.

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