Thursday, 25 December 2014

Almost Famous Cafe, Johor Bahru

So you're near Bazar Karat and you're hungry for some snack. Look for Chaiwalla and walk across the main road to Almost Famous Cafe. It's a plank/wood (?) themed cafe and while the table we got was uncomfortable, the food was good.

Almost Famous Cafe
Table 3 or was it 6? Can't remember

Almost Famous Cafe

Taste - #iLove
Price - Affordable and fair. RM45.20 for 3 pax.
Ambiance - It's a themed-cafe. Not very cozy but plenty of photo opportunities. And it seems like they allow smoking at all tables as well.

Almost Famous Cafe
Traffic light. We didn't plan this!

Almost Famous Cafe
Forgot the name. It has a cheese name in the name. My gf said sedap.

Almost Famous Cafe
My mini burgers (chicken) yummy! <3<3<3<3

Almost Famous Cafe
Chicken chop (big portion)

To be safe, go at night. Cool place to lepak for a bit before continue shopping in Bazar Karat.

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