Friday, 19 December 2014

Chamek Kopitiam, Danga Bay

So you're in Danga Bay, staying in Tune Hotel or Zoom Inn (like I suggested) and you're hungry. Where to eat?

Worry not! There's a delicious place nearby called Chamek Kopitiam.

Chamek KopitiamApparently 'Chamek' is the name of a place in Kluang. Why Chamek? You gotta go ask the owner la :)

They have many outlets but the one I visited is in Danga Bay.

Taste - Delicious! #iLove
Price - RM26 for 2 pax. We ate a lot- Nasi goreng ayam merah, nasi goreng ayam kunyit, keropok lekor, telur dadar, limau ais & i forgot my girlfriend's drink.
Ambiance - Cozy. Got alfresco dining as well if you prefer

Chamek Kopitiam Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit
#iLove Turmeric chicken fried rice <3<3<3<3

Chamek Kopitiam
Telur Dadar

Chamek Kopitiam
Keropok Lekor

Chamek Kopitiam
Clean and cozy

Service was fast and friendly. Being a picky eater, I asked a lot of questions like what colour is the fried rice, how's the chicken gonna be like (cut into small pieces or one part liddat) and how spicy the rice will be. ALL questions were answered nicely by the lady who took our order. She's friendly too!

When the food arrived, my girlfriend got the *wrong* fried rice. She asked for extra spicy but received the normal one instead. She decided not to complain but somehow they realised the mistake and brought a new dish of spicy fried rice instead. How attentive and nice kan?

I LOVE the turmeric chicken fried rice and keropok lekor. The keropok reminded me of those sold nearby my home. Sedap :')

Promise you'll visit this kopitiam?

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