Thursday, 2 April 2015

Galeri Arkeologi Lembah Lenggong, Perak

Galeri Arkeologi Lembah Lenggong

Muzium Arkeologi Lenggong (Lenggong Archeology Museum) is also known as Muzium Arkeologi Kota Tampan. Situated in Kota Tampan, 33400 Lenggong, you'll be able to find this place using Waze by searching for 'muzium arkeologi lenggong'.

It is really a gallery but a quite an interesting one. Expect to spend over an hour here. 

No photography, drinks & food, pets, etc. allowed but I saw people snapping away anyway. 

Galeri Arkeologi Lembah Lenggong

As you enter, go to the left and watch an introduction video with a replica (many items on display were replicas) of broken pottery as 'frame'. Then, you'll see the introduction of the team of archeologists who found the Perak Man and all the other fossils and artefacts.

It was interesting learning about the process and how they identify the location to dig all. One area was made into cave-like to house the actual bones of Perak Man. Another section displayed info on the aboriginal people and their way of life. 

Upstairs, I dubbed "the boring political stuff" but-nonetheless-important-aspect, gallery displaying the journey of making the Perak Man and Lenggong Valley a UNESCO world heritage site. I confess, I went straight for the video presentation at the other side of the gallery. 

Is it worth a visit?
Yes. If you're interested in learning about how Asians are smarter than the Europeans :p or that your ancestors might have come from Africa.

Entry is FREE
Operating hours 9 am to 5 daily with break from 12 noon to 3 pm on Fridays.

Do stop to eat at Restoran Tasik Raban if you love Malay food/ikan bakar!

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