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Restoran Tasik Raban

Restoran Tasik Raban

Situated by the roadside on the way to Lenggong from Kuala Kangsar, Restoran Tasik Raban or Restoran Ikan Bakar Tasik Raban is no stranger to Malay food fans. It has 2 other outlets but I was on the way to Lenggong and stopped at the famous restaurant for lunch. 

Use Waze to find this place. Slow down as you approach as it's at a slight corner and you don't want to miss it.

It wasn't as packed as I imagined it would be thanks to good management. There was plenty of tables and chairs and even the layout and arrangement was convenient for patrons. 

Restoran Tasik Raban
Price guide

Restoran Tasik Raban

Open daily from 11.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Taste - Good
Price - RM30.70 for 2 pax inclusive of drinks
Ambiance - Proper building, open concept (no wall) with roof. It was a bit warm so my hair was tied up in a bun. Drinks and toys stalls at corners of the restaurant. Got tables for families and long tables for big groups.

Restoran Tasik Raban

Self-service concept. You can either:

a) Get your rice from a lady next to the payment counter & pile up your 'lauk' on the same plate


b) Use the empty plates provided to take your favourite dishes


a) Go to the counter with your plate(s) and pay the cashier


b) Go to your table and someone will come to 'kira' for you (give you the bill). After makan, pay at the cashier

I chose a) and b) -for the ikan bakar and a) so everything paid before we eat.

Order & collect your drinks from a window near the lady dishing out rice. Do queue up. Jumping queue won't earn you any brownie points as the guy manning the counter will be busy serving those in line. 

Restoran Tasik Raban
View from my table (", )

Restoran Tasik Raban

Restoran Tasik Raban

I'm no fan of nasi campur (the concept) as I don't like having to choose my own food from a common container (instead of just ordering) and because I have no idea how the operators count and come up with the total price, especially when one started eating already! 

I'm more comfortable knowing how much exactly a plate would cost and this restaurant has a good and reliable price guide. Plus the food in Restoran Tasik Raban is so sedap (delicious), I'm willing to make an exception!

Other outlets

• 158964, Jalan Kompleks Sukan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
• 1A, Medan Stesen 19/5 (behind Tesco) Stesen 18, 31650 Ipoh (11 am - 11 pm)

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