Thursday, 26 March 2015

Laksa Pak Ngah, Kuala Kangsar

Laksa Pak Ngah, Kuala Kangsar

Laksa Pak Ngah
7986 Belakang SM Tsung Wah,
Jalan Dato' Sagor,
33000 Kuala Kangsar,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Phone #  : +605 777 7986
                   +6012 684 7986
                   +6012 660 7986

Honestly, I was prepared to give the laksa a miss as I thought that the place was to close at 6 p.m and I am no fan of thin kuah laksa (laksa soup) anyway. Luckily, I arrived in Kuala Kangsar with plenty of time to sample this delicious Malaysian food!

I also noticed that there are food truck of this same brand selling laksa around town and by the roadside. One was in front of the Arena Kuala Kangsar where tourists flocked to eat and shop. So no worries, there are plenty of laksa sellers you can go to if you feel the craving. 

Taste - Surprisingly delicious! I love the laksa goreng (fried laksa) more than the normal laksa.
Price - Laksa were RM10 (for 2). Can't remember the price for cendol & ABC. Worth it!
Ambiance - Roof with fan. Can be a bit warm on a hot day. Wear something comfortable. People said that there's another outlet in town with aircond, you can find that one if you want.

Laksa Pak Ngah
Laksa Special - <3<3<3
Love the kuah (soup) but not too crazy about the laksa itself. I prefer the usual smooth laksa.

Laksa Pak Ngah
Laksa goreng - <3<3<3<3

This laksa goreng (fried laksa) is perfect for me. I get the tasty soup and none of the bland & coarse laksa taste & texture.

Laksa Pak Ngah, Kuala Kangsar
Cendol with pulut

Laksa Pak Ngah, Kuala Kangsar
ABC :) <3<3<3<3

An acquaintance suggested that I should try Laksa Karim. Maybe next time I'm in town.

What's your favourite laksa in Kuala Kangsar?

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