Friday, 6 March 2015

D'Muara Marine Park, Dorani Bayu Resort, Sungai Besar

Dorani Bayu Resort
D'Muara Marine Park
Sungai Hj. Dorani 
45300 Sungai Besar 
Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

Tel. & Fax : 03-3224 6800/ 5419 (Hunting Line) 

Email :

Unless you're NOT coming from KL/Selangor/south, you might miss the signboard so use Waze to find this place. Search for D'Muara Marine Park.

Dorani Bayu Resort

Dorani Bayu Resort
Basic coffee & tea, kettle and a small minibar available

A couple of towels, extra pillow and basic toiletries provided but that's about it.
My main concern about this place is the security. I got room #10. The windows have broken latches and no safety box provided. Be as cautious as you would at anywhere else and hide your valuables. 

A minor discomfort was the bed. Well, the blanket really. It didn't look too clean and so I chose to sleep on the floor in my own sleeping bag. Plus the aircond (right above the bed) was leaking. 
One of the pillows got black spots on it too. I gave that one to my brother.

Dorani Bayu Resort
Spacious room, useless television

Dorani Bayu Resort
Who needs TV when you have ocean view?

Dorani Bayu Resort
Clean washroom

Dorani Bayu Resort
Tricky shower. Water literally trickled out (too little to shower) until fixed by AD.

Dorani Bayu Resort
Fishing from balcony (literally)

Dorani Bayu Resort

Booking - A bit tricky. No online booking that I know of. Your best bet is directly with them, via phone.
Rate - Info on website not update, check directly with the resort
Location - If you have your own transport, the location is good. If you don't, you'll be stuck here as walking around is not a viable option. The resort is by the sea, surrounded by kampung.
Dining - We arranged for semi-buffet dinner in the resort. Good seafood + dessert + fruits & drinks.
Service - Average. 

With almost equal pros and cons, is it worth it?
You decide...

D'Muara Marine Park, Dorani Bayu Resort

D'Muara Marine Park

D'Muara Marine Park

For one night, with my family or fun friends, I'd come back.

Overall 3 <3<3<3 of 5

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