Saturday, 30 January 2016

Kotagede Mataram, Yogyakarta

Kotagede Mataram
Entrance to Kotagede

Kotagede Mataram in Yogyakarta is an old kingdom. What is left of Mataram kingdom today are some walls with an old mosque, bathing place and royal graveyard.

Kotagede Mataram

Visitors are allowed at the mosque and Sendang Selirang (bath place) but must observe strict rules to visit the graveyard.

Kotagede Mataram

Kotagede Mataram

Come here to see the architecture, carvings and the fish in Sendang Selirang.

  I went into the Sendang not knowing what to expect. The bath place have separate sections for men and women. After checking out the women's side, I backtracked to find my partner and went a few steps towards the men's side before realising that perhaps I was not allowed in there :p

  According to legend, Panembahan Senopati wanted to perform ablution before praying but there was no water. Since Panembahan Senopati has magic, he stomped his feet 3 times and a spring was created.  

Kotagede Mataram

Graveyard Visiting Hours

1000 - 1300 Monday, Thursday & Sunday
1300 - 1600 Friday
Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and fasting month (Ramadhan)

Kotagede Mataram

To visit the royal graveyard, visitors must wear traditional clothes which can be rented at the office. No headscarf for women. Only kain jarik (like batik) and tube tops (kemben). Men must wear the Javanese suit with kain jarik and blangkon.

Kotagede Mataram

When I visited, there were some people drawing one of the gopura. Mosque was semi-closed for renovation. Staff were not very chatty so you should hire a tour guide to help you understand the place better.

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