Thursday, 17 March 2016

3 Gili Snorkelling & Fish Feeding

Gili Snorkeling

Have I ever posted about me snorkelling here?
I doubt it.

  Honestly, it has been years since I last went snorkelling. I used to love the sea, sand and swimming so much. We had our own snorkel gears and then... I grew up. I get red and darken very easily. Plus it takes too long to get to my natural colour again. Choosing clothes after a sunburn isn't just tricky, it can sometimes be a painful process. Nothing is worth the sunburn.

  When mom said uncle charted a boat and will pick us up in the morning to go snorkelling, I wanted to excuse myself. But everything was paid so we might as well go. Uncle chartered the boat from Lombok main island because he was staying at Senggigi Beach so I don't know the rate. You can expect to pay about IDR 75k - 100k per person but do ask around and compare prices.

Gili Snorkeling

Pick up was at 9 am. It was a bright and super sunny morning. Then, we were taken to a spot between Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno- the one near a sunken ship. Everyone went into the water and after a while, I got bored so I took a dip. Not even 5 minutes, I managed to get a cut in a feet. I wasn't using fins, you see.

  Luckily, dad brought band aid. 
  Unluckily, it didn't stick.

  Next spot was near Gili Meno. I didn't go down.

  Lunch was at Gili Air. I had fish and chips (uninspired), the fella next to me had something sea bass and it turned out to be a DELICIOUS dish with gravy and rice. So unfair!

Gili Snorkeling
THAT sauce *salivating*

Gili Snorkeling

Gili Snorkeling
next door

I'm not sure how many stops we did because at one point somebody had an emergency and needed a proper bathroom so we had to make detour. While the somebody went to do his thing, the rest of us simply jumped off the boat and snorkelled as we wished. Don't do this if:

1) You go with public tour
2) You aren't good swimmer
3) Your tour guide said no

Anyway, the highlight of the trip for me was the fish feeding. After lunch, we got back on the boat and was taken to a spot very near Gili Air.

  When somebody said, "the fish are eating the boat!" I got curious and jumped into the water. Along with my band aid which promptly got lost. I was amazed when I saw that true enough, there were tons of fish nibbling on the algae (?) under the boat!

Gili Snorkeling

Gili Snorkeling

After a while, I got bored of snorkelling (plus the tour guide already snapped a great pic of me) and went back onto the boat. Turned out, our guide and my cousin brought some bread for the fish so I started to feed the fish.

  For a loooong time. Until I realised that the guide was waiting for me to finish but probably too polite to stop me and tell me that time's up. If not for the grey clouds, I'd probably go on until we run out of food. By the time we head back to Gili Trawangan, the water was choppy and it started to drizzle. I heard that my uncle braved the rain and rough sea to reach Senggigi.

Gili Snorkeling
Our little chartered boat

Gili Snorkeling
Swimming with the fish- nope. Not me.

Yes. I ended up at least 2 shades darker than my usual colour and until today (over a month since the trip) you can still see my swimming suit tan lines on the arms, back and thigh.

  Girlfriends hosted a surprise party for me after I got back and the dress code was PASTEL-COLOURED DRESS. I had to go shopping.

  So yeah. I don't see myself doing anything under the sun some time soon but I'd totally recommend snorkelling in Gili Trawangan and the nearby islands (gili). Almost worth the sunburn!

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