Friday, 11 March 2016

Chicken Party, Gili Trawangan

Chicken Party Gili Trawangan

Chicken Party Gili Trawangan

Short version - Don't bother

Chicken Party Gili Trawangan

Taste - The best thing in the picture above was the fries. Delicious, salty, hot french fries.
Price - Expensive. IDR 445k for 7 pax (about RM20/person for grilled burger/fried chicken/insert main, fries and small soft drink )
Ambiance - Idk what style the decor was. Aircond was not on, poor ventilation so we had to sit outside with the flies.

You're better off eating at the warung (local eateries) or nightmarket (if you can find a seat). It was our first night. Don't make the same mistake I did. Unless you see they've switched on their air-conditioner or revise the exorbitant price. I didn't like the taste of the chicken patty so I can't recommend this place. Except maybe for the fries.

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