Thursday, 24 March 2016

Les Villas Ottalia Spa, Gili Trawangan

Les Villas Ottalia Spa

Les Villas Ottalia (spa)
Gili Trawangan

Hello! This entry is about the spa, not the hotel/accommodation. I found this place listed as one of the best spa in Gili Trawangan. My girlfriend stayed there a week before my visit and she really loved the place.

  It was a bit (just a little, not much) of a let down for me. From the online reviews, I had imagined a proper, luxurious and comfortable sanctuary. In reality, while the service was acceptable, the outlet was... Idk... just below my expectation.

Les Villas Ottalia Spa
A treatment area nearby the lounge
  Les Villas Ottalia is somewhere in the middle of the island. The location means that it is away from the noisy main street. I used Google Map, signages along the road and a local man to help me find this place. 

  When I finally found the place, a staff in the lobby escorted me to the spa and since I had no booking, we found the staff having a meeting/pep talk. I waited for a few mins and they were ready to serve me.

   I was given a menu book and the usual questionnaire/health check stuff. To be fair, the spa is better than those on main street in terms of service and the exras like welcome drinks, cold towel, foot bath and the air conditioned treatment room. Their rates explained those sweet extras. Those raving about the spa probably haven't experience Thai spas :)

Les Villas Ottalia Spa
Tea and cold towel

Les Villas Ottalia Spa

Les Villas Ottalia Spa

Above is the treatment room that I got. It is a room with glass sliding door next to the spa reception. It has that curtain for privacy BUT the door to shower room is behind those curtain and people from outside can still see you when you enter/exit the shower room.

  What really ruined the experience for me was... flies. 2 or 3 flies got into the air-cond room and couldn't get out. The staff did nothing except swat them away IF the flies landed on me. Otherwise, they buzzed merrily. I was already slathered in cucumber and aloe when I realised that there were flies in the room so there wasn't much that I can do. My girlfriend (who went a week earlier) was lucky and experienced a fly-free treatment.

  I took the sunburn treatment while my partner had a massage. Total was IDR 700k for 2 pax. 

  Should you try Les Villas Ottalia Spa?
  Yes. But curb your expectation. And make sure there's no fly in the room before you lie down on the massage bed.

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