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Kelate Roadtrip Overview

Gang Penang Ke Kelate
Date: 3rd - 5th June 2016 (Friday to Sunday)
3 pax

A few days before fasting month, we visited the Land of Good Food a.k.a Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I didn't get to have the delicious laksam special during my visit on Labour Day so I was hoping that I'll get it before fasting.

  We left Penang in the morning and used the scenic East-West Highway a.k.a Gerik-Jeli Highway. Everyone should see this highway at least once. Drive safely though because the road can be quite dangerous especially at night. It is nothing like the more modern PLUS Highway.

East West Highway
East-West Highway

There are many gorgeous spots along the way as you'll be passing mountains and lakes and forests. Take your time to stop and take photos but be sure to choose safe areas to stop. Hentian Titiwangsa and Belum Rainforest Resort parking are among the popular stops. There is also a monument near Sri Banding Army Camp to commemorate those who died during the highway construction.

Hentian Titiwangsa
Hentian Titiwangsa (rest stop)

By noon, we arrived in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan. It was too early for Friday prayer so we just took photos and drove to Krung Thip Restaurant for lunch. It was closed :(

Masjid Beijing Rantau Panjang
Beijing Mosque Rantau Panjang

We also went to Mok Su Nasi Sup Daging Bakar but it was also closed :( 

  So we went directly to Adni Studio homestay and checked-in.

Adni Studio KB City Point
Adni Studio KB City Point

In the evening, we went to AEON Mall Kota Bharu to buy some supply before heading to Tambatan Diraja to catch sunset. Once dark, we walked a block away to see the Muhibbah wall murals. 

AEON Kota Bharu

Tambatan Diraja Sungai Kelantan
Kelantan River

Lukisan Dinding Muhibah
Lukisan Dinding Muhibah

If you're a fan of mango sticky rice or pulut mangga, remember to have some at Restoran Selera Kampung Padang Bank just a few steps from the wall murals.

Pulut Mangga

Next, we went to get my laksam fix. Remember, the restaurant closes every Saturday and opens late in the evening (go after 4 pm to be safe).

Laksam Special By-T
By-T Laksam Special

Second day, we woke up early to hunt for sunrise.

Sungai Raja Gali
Raja Gali River at sunrise

Pantai Kundur
Kundur Beach

Then breakfast at our favourite Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo before walking to see Palestine street art near our homestay.

Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo
Air halia telur puyuh

Mural Palestin
Mural Palestin at Medan Ilmu Kota Bharu

Before going back to the homestay to rest, we had brunch at Nasi Kak Wook.

Nasi Kak Wook
Nasi Kak Wook Jalan Telipot

I can't remember why but we were late going out for sunset. It was kinda dark when we reached Senok Beach so we didn't get to take pics among the trees. Tak dapat feeling-feeling Nami Island.

Lighthouse on Senok Beach
Senok Beach Lighthouse

Light dinner was at Pantai Cahaya Bulan. Luckily the shop we chose served nice fried thingy. I even tarpaoed some for midnight snack. Remember to choose Wan Zainab Seafood!

Pantai Cahaya Bulan

The next morning, we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah for last minute shopping. I bought some flowers for bathing and the boys bought lunch from the food court. And yeah we bought fish crackers and serunding as well.

Flowers for flower bath

Rantau Panjang Free Trade Zone
Rantau Panjang Free Trade Zone

Before noon, we checked-out and left for Rantau Panjang before heading to Penang.

East West Highway

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