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Serimas Murtabak Diraja, Kota Bharu

Serimas Murtabak Diraja

Serimas Murtabak Diraja

Hajah Nik Faizah bt. Haji Nik Abd Rahman
Section 4, No. 19, Jalan Merbau
15300 Kota Bharu
Kelantan Darul Naim

(+609) 748 3898

Shop Outlet
Wisma Yusmah (along Billion Mart)
Jalan Long Yunus
Kota Bharu

(+6019) 984 7660

Operating Hours
Saturday - Thursday : 0900 - 2100
Closed of Friday

Serimas Murtabak Diraja

Murtabak diraja or royal murtabak (martabak) is roti canai-like (pancake) filled with eggs and savoury minced chicken or beef, about 3 times thicker than the normal murtabak.

The place I went to looked like a normal house if not for the streams of visitors and delicious smell wafting from the kitchen. Apparently, they also sold a variety of Kelantanese traditional cakes (kuih) and people phone in to order in advance. 

At first, I had no idea what people were buying. Some looked like sliced mangoes but they were piping hot! So we asked a kind guy behind the counter and he told us a list of traditional cakes, none of which I was familiar with (or even catch the name). 

Based on Google and from what I can remember about the cakes' shapes, I'm guessing these cakes:

Buah Tanjung
Jala Mas
Cek Mek

... and God know what else. Really, I've never even seen some of them before. But they are popular with the locals. There was a queue and some people simply went into the kitchen to collect their order.

Serimas Murtabak Diraja
Other stuff sold here

Since I didn't catch any of the names given by the nice seller, I decided to just buy murtabak as planned.

To be honest, I am not a fan of murtabak since most people just packed them with onions. I like the one from Khalifah Restaurant near my place and this Serimas Royal Murtabak. I even like their pickled onion (I mean the liquid part. I don't eat the onion) and I'm a fussy eater!

Serimas Murtabak Diraja
Chicken (RM14)
Beef (RM15)

Serimas Murtabak Diraja

Frozen Murtabak

 Heat in microwave oven or pan for 8 minutes at 100ÂșC
Serve hot
Good for 4 portions

Finding this 'house' is a bit tricky. It is opposite Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan. Look for a small lane and the house is just behind a used car dealer and a workshop.

Serimas Murtabak Diraja
This is the 'shop house' of Royal Murtabak!

Telephone them in advance to book if you fancy the traditional cakes. Many customers had to leave without their akok cakes; I'm guessing that akok is another specialty of Hajah Nik Faizah :)

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