Thursday, 14 July 2016

Nasi Kak Wook, Jalan Telipot

Nasi Kak Wook

Nasi Kak Wook
There's always a queue...

Nasi Kak Wook
but worry not because they serve quickly and efficiently

I am not sure why this outlet is known as Nasi Kak Wook Jalan Telipot when really, it is in Jalan Tengku Maasum.

From Jalan Telipot, head east towards Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Kota Bharu. Turn right into Jalan Tengku Maasum at t-junction.

Nasi Kak Wook is about 500 metres away from the junction, on your right.

Note: Careful when turning because it is right at a bend where seeing oncoming cars can be a bit hard

Nasi Kak Wook Jalan Telipot
Nothing like the heavy Penang-style gravy. The gravy was flavourful yet light!

Taste - Good
Price - Fair
Ambiance - Average. Seats may be limited but don't worry because the patrons don't really linger and hog the tables here unlike in *cough* IKEA *cough*

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