Friday, 2 September 2016

EP's Cafe Patisserie, Hatyai

EP's Cafe Patisserie

EP's Cafe Patisserie
Nipatuthit 1 Road

The ambiance reminded me of Moody Cow in Penang. Super low light, you'd think it's got poor lighting for selfies.

But we'll get to that later. 

First, how to find this Gothic-ish cafe?

With the entrance of Red Planet Hotel behind you, turn left and cross the road. Walk to the other side of the building (now you're on Nipatuthit 1) and continue left until you find this cafe. You should find it before a petrol station. 

EP's Cafe Patisserie
Varieties of delicious and pretty cakes

EP's Cafe Patisserie

EP's Cafe Patisserie

Taste - Good! 

Price - Cakes from 70 - 95 THB per slice. Drinks from 60 THB

Ambiance - Gothic. Except for the tables.

The staff were friendly and very helpful as well. They can't speak good English but be patient and a little creative (e.g- let them use pictures to explain) and they'll strive to serve you.

EP's Cafe Patisserie
Creative, pretty & yummy cakes (320 THB)

Don't worry about the moody lighting. It's nothing some minor adjustments cannot fix. Look at that gorgeous red velvet background in the picture!

EP's Cafe Patisserie

Considering it is one of the nicest cafe in Hatyai town, I'm giving it overall 4 <3<3<3<3< of 5

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