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Green View Garden, Tanah Rata

Green View Garden Tanah Rata

Green View Garden

11, Taman Matahari Cerah
Kampung Raja 
39010 Tanah Rata
Pahang Darul Makmur

Operating Hours
0900 - 1830 daily

Green View Garden Tanah Rata
Lavender Ice Cream

After exiting at Simpang Pulai and going towards Cameron Highland, you will eventually find Green View Garden on your left just before the junction to Cameron Highland. I've passed it a few times but only stopped during my last roadtrip to the East Coast.

I thought it was just another lame flower nursery cum strawberry farm with overpriced cafe. In short, a tourist trap. I was somewhat wrong.

Similar to many of the strawberry farms further up the hill, the entrance is free. Visitors enter through a shop/cafe or from the chocolate store next door. There is an ice cream stall right by the entrance if you're stopping only for snack. But if you have the time, check out the shop. They sold the usual souvenirs of Cameron Highland. You can also order food and drinks from a counter in this area. 

Green View Garden Tanah Rata
Pretty and interesting-flavoured cakes. Fair price too!

On the left of the counter, you'll find the dining area. At one end, the stairs to chocolate store and on the other side, the many attractions of this garden. The washroom (can't remember the charge- 30 sen maybe) is next to the dining area.

Green View Garden Tanah Rata

Kids will love the rabbit, duck, tortoise and fish. For a price, you can feed the bunnies and ducks or play mini paddle boats.

Being a garden, there are also plenty of pretty photo spots.

There is another souvenir shop with purple-theme selling lavender stuff. Since I love lavender ice cream so much, I thought I'd try a small bottle of lavender "juice". It wasn't a disappointment! Although it is more of cordial or syrup than juice, it tasted good.

The lavender syrup added a sweet, fresh scent when drizzled onto vanilla ice cream, giving a pleasant twist to the ice cream. I also like having it as cold drink by diluting the syrup with some water and ice.

Expect to spend about half an hour here even if just to take pictures.

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