Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hamid Restaurant, Hatyai

Hamid Restaurant Hatyai

Hamid Restaurant

73 - 75, Prachathipat Rd.
Hat Yai

How to get here?

Facing Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel entrance, with Centara Hotel behind you, walk to your left and turn right at the first junction. You gotta walk because currently the road is a one-way street. Walk for less than 100 m & the restaurant is on your left.

It is entered as Saby Bar or Hamat Restaurant (ภัตตาคารฮาหมัด) in Google Map.

The restaurant is a decent place, popular with Malaysians. We arrived past 9 p.m. local time and many of the tables were still occupied. 

Hamid Restaurant, Hatyai

Taste - Delicious!

Price - Fair. 515 THB for 4 pax

Ambiance - Cozy

We ordered mixed tom yam, omelette, three different types of fried rice and fried kuetiau. The tom yam was nice and the fried kuetiau was delicious. I've never tasted average-tasting fried kuetiau in Thai so far. 

But what really surprised us (delightful kind) was the fried rice. The Pataya fried rice looked and tasted different than the other two. The crabmeat fried rice and prawn fried rice may look the same hue but they tasted different and they were ALL DELICIOUS!

Hamid Restaurant Hatyai

Hamid Restaurant Hatyai

Hamid Restaurant Hatyai

Hamid Restaurant Hatyai
My fried kuetiau

I know many people remarked that this restaurant is quite expensive. They are probably right but 'Muslim food' in Thai are priced-higher in general. However, ordering ala carte can be cheaper than ordering lauk. Ordering rice and lauk can be cheaper here at home but it's the opposite in Thailand. I don't know why.

Just be sure to ask and confirm price before ordering and pick places with good recommendation. One of my motto is, "it's not expensive if it is delicious" ;)

Overall 3 1/2 <3<3<3< of 5

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