Friday, 23 January 2015

Chinese Museum, Kuching

Muzium Cina Sarawak

Sarawak Chinese Museum

Same operating hours with the other museums. FREE entry as well. 

Main entrance faces the waterfront so it might seem closed from the main road. It's opposite the road from the tua pek kong.

Muzium Cina Sarawak
See the tua pek kong?

Uncle caretaker garang. Strictly no photo inside the exhibition ah. Had to resist even my hands were itching to capture the wonders in the museum. Upon entering, we were directed by the uncle to go into a room to watch the introductory video. Reminded me a bit of Angkor National Museum. The video showed how the Chinese arrived here. Kinda cute la =p Especially that durian incident.

Chinese Museum Sarawak
Video show

Spend at least half an hour here to enjoy the wealth of knowledge on display. Seriously. So much info cramped into a small building. Effective use of space, I'd say.

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