Thursday, 29 January 2015

Prowling Penang

What can one do for a day in Penang?

A bunch of us decided to have a day-trip to Penang and here's what we did.

We went for breakfast at Astaka Taman Tun Sardon. No pic. We were too hungry. I had ghee chapati with meat curry. Yummy!

Then, we headed to Bukit Bendera or the Penang Hill. It was Friday, not a public holiday but the place was filled with visitors. Unable to find a parking spot and unwilling to wait in the long queue, we decided to head into Georgetown.

First stop, Penang 3D Trick Art Museum.

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

After leaving the car at Padang Kota, we walked to the museum and it started to rain. 

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

We had fun at the Trick Art museum. They tried to do some crowd control by allowing patrons to enter only after the previous group was done at the first art display. However, towards the middle of the exhibitions, people simply skip displays or hog those they like. Keep your cool and be courteous. Especially when some parents just let their kids photobomb your shots.

We finished in less than an hour, I believe. As we exited, it was still raining so we walked to the end of the road and hangout at the Toy Cafe.

Toy Cafe Penang
My hot chocolate

The cake was delicious. Too bad I cannot remember the name. I had choc OD that day. Good thing we spent the day walking.

Refreshed, we started out again. This time with Penang street art hunt in mind. Oh and we were also trying to find the Penang Interactive Museum. I enlisted the help of Google Map and we found the place!

Penang Interactive Museum
...crowded. So again, we cancelled this one.

Since we were already close to the jetty, we went there in hope to find the street art which I heard is fast fading. There's Ah Boy and his grandma at the entrance but we had trouble finding the original Children In A Boat.

Only as we were leaving, I saw the faded painting.

Jetty Clan Penang

From the jetty, we crossed the road and found the nearest street art(s). At least 2 are nearby. You can get the map from shops at the jetty or do you own research online before embarking on the hunt.

Penang Street Art

Penang Street Art

Penang Street Art

Penang Street Art

It was cloudy and we realised that it will rain again soon. All this while we have been heading to Armenian Street. Why? 

2 reasons:

1) There are plenty of street arts nearby
2) Jawi House is there :)

Jawi House
Read my entry on Jawi House here.

Sedap wey. Tak tipu.
Since rain didn't want to stop, I ordered hot tea to while the hours away. In the end, we gave up and I booked a cab using MyTeksi app. The cab took us to the car and we started shopping mall-hopping.

Straits Quay
No sunset at Straits Quay :(

Gurney Paragon
But we found Spongebob in Gurney Paragon!

Dinner was at Idrus Ikan Bakar and again, no pic as we were famished. Remember to order their sotong goreng tepung when you visit!

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