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Ke Kuching, Sarawak

Hi all! Firstly my apology for not updating the blog last week. Truth is, I was lazy. The entries are all drafted but my laptop is so slow that I cannot bear firing it up to put final touches to the entries.

On to our story...

Kuching, Sarawak

Finally! Now I can say that I've been to all the states in Malaysia. Well, except Labuan. But what's there? (Seriously, anything nice to visit?)

22-25 December 2014 (Monday to Thursday)

I took a morning flight and had breakfast in the airport while waiting for KY to arrive on another flight. The immigration made some fuss about why it took me so long in the arrival hall before I go through them. Note to self: eat outside next time, after the immigration.

Rented a car as I did some calculation & concluded that it's an easier and cheaper option. Compared a couple of companies and I chose 

JDG Car Rental (Kuching) 
+6013 560 8334

Quick response, friendly & accommodating personnel, new & clean car, good price. I rented an auto Viva for RM100/day. See if you get the same car :)

Rental car in Kuching

From the airport we drove to the museum. Which one? 

Well I was heading to the Muzium Islam Sarawak but realised that it was easier to get to the Sarawak Museum, park there and walk around. I also found that the Akuarium Bandaraya (City Aquarium) is within the museum compound and visited it first.

I love looking at swimming fish. Hate cooking them but love ikan bakar.

Akuarium Bandaraya

Kuching City Aquarium
Entrance from the park

There's a park next to the aquarium where KY took her camera and disappeared for a while. Maybe because the lighting in the aquarium was poor. 

Then we explored the museums in the complex (there are a few but some are closed for renovation) before crossing the mainroad to get to the Islamic Museum.

Muzium Kuching

Cross pakai pedestrian bridge please

Muzium Islam Sarawak, Kuching
Back entrance. We walked around it to get to the front entrance as we were not supposed to enter from this side.

Still full from breakfast, we headed to Woodpecker Lodge. Arrived a few minutes before 2 p.m but the nice front desk guy allowed us to check in anyway. 

Woodpecker Lodge
Small but comfortable and clean

After about an hour and earning a parking ticket, we went to explore other museums in Kuching. Saw the Chinese Museum but from the roadside it looked closed (later we realised that the main entrance faces the river) so we headed to the Muzium Tekstil Sarawak (Sarawak Textile Museum) and got a few minutes worth of visit before the staff switched off the lights at least half an hour before official closing time.


Dejected *chewah* we lepak at Starbucks Plaza Merdeka while the rain poured and flooded the field opposite. Then we had sushi for dinner before driving to another mall to meet BrideToBe for a movie. 

To make up for the sushi dinner, BrideToBe took us for mee kolok at Mee Kolok Haji Salleh. 

Mee Kolok Haji Salleh

After breakfasts we drove to Sarawak Cultural Village. It was fun and I got my "passport" stamped at the various houses of local folks. 

Sarawak Cultural Village

Damai Beach is right opposite the cultural village in case you're interested. We went for a walk there after our pretty heavy lunch at the Sarawak Cultural Village.

Damai Beach, Sarawak

On the way back to town, we wanted to get some ais kacang but the place was packed so we went to Sunny Hill Ice Cream instead. Glad we did as it was one of the best ice cream I've ever had! 

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

After resting & showering at the lodge, it was dinner time! Met BrideToBe and her groom at Topspot for seafood dinner.

Topspot, Kuching

It was raining when we finished so we kissed our goodbyes but it took so long to get out of tge parking, the rain stopped. BrideToBe asked us to meet her at the waterfront. She was waiting with ice cream for us! 

Kuching Waterfront

Walking along the river, sucking on our popsicles, we took pictures before retiring to bed for the special day tomorrow!

Fort Margharita, Kuching Sarawak

Okay so we went to Fort Margharita before meeting the party at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (UTC- same building with Topspot). Oh and the Chinese Museum.

Chinese Museum, Kuching
Chinese Museum, front entrance facing the waterfront

Highlight of the trip

Sophia & Rick got married
Soph <3 Rick

ROM luncheon was at Colugos Bistro & Grill. HUGE portion of chicken something for me.

Next, back to the lodge to check-out and then off to check-in at Riverside Majestic Hotel. 2 nights of disco lullaby was enough. I'll explain in another post.

Riverside Majestic Hotel

It rained a lot while I was there so had nap till evening before taking the boat across the river for some...

layered-cake shopping!

Sarawak is famous for her kek lapis and terubuk masin (salted fish, NOT dry).

Terubuk masin

With enough cakes to fill up my suitcase, we went to the nearby food court for my first bowl of laksa Sarawak. 

Laksa Sarawak

Then, took the sampan again to get back to hotel and rest (right after packing my bag). Final night in Kuching.

During breakfast the next day, I received a text from BrideToBe telling us to get ready. She was taking us for another round of shopping! 

Riverside Majestic Hotel breakfast buffet

  And eating...

Mee Belacan

And street photography =D

Kuching, Sarawak

Arranged late check-out after we got back to the hotel, packed, rested for a bit and then I used the MyTeksi app to get a ride to the airport. Rented car was returned the day before as the trip to Sarawak Cultural Village was completed and the Riverside Majestic was within walking distance to the other attractions in my list.

Fun fact: I collected 3 parking tickets while in Kuching. 1 for not using the parking coupon and 2 for exceeding time limit on the parking coupon. 

Kuching parking is a bit weird. They'll sell you the booklet for 1st 30 minutes coupon and for the subsequent half an hour, they'll just give you 'tickets'. So just chill and pay the tickets- same price as 2nd 30 minutes and 3rd 30 minutes coupons.

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