Thursday, 21 May 2015

Fatinnaz Corner, Kangar

Fatinnaz Corner, Kangar

Fatinnaz Corner in Persiaran Jubli Emas, 01000 Kangar Perlis is also known as Fatin Corner. You can use Waze to find the restaurant. I came from the "wrong" side and didn't see the restaurant as I was looking to my left. The restaurant is opposite the road and you should see the signboard if you come from the other way (from town). 

What's famous here?

The cendol pulut of course. There are a few choices for how you can have your cendol. I took mine with laici. The friendly staff was helpful and patience while I ponder on what to eat.

Fatinnaz Corner

Most people come here for the cendol pulut (sticky rice). I arrived just in time for lunch and so I ordered chicken rice, noodle soup and cucur udang (prawn fritters). Cucur udang is different than my favourite batter fried prawn although I've used the same translation before. Think of it as fried cakes flavoured with shrimps.

Fatinnaz Corner Kangar
I'd prefer if the chilli wasn't poured onto my chicken :( 

Fatinnaz Corner Kangar
Chicken rice <3<3<3

Fatinnaz Corner, Kangar
Cucur udang <3<3 served with sliced cucumber, tofu and hard boiled egg

Fatinnaz Corner, Kangar
Noodle soup <3<3<3

Taste - Average. The chicken rice and soup were good. Cendol was okay but I prefer Banting style :) Nothing bad but nothing memorable either

Price - At total of RM20.50, I'd say value for money. Remember to remember what you ate when you go pay at the cashier :)

Ambiance - Family-friendly, spacious and shaded. Table cloth could use a change tho.

Is it worth a visit?
Yes. If you love cendol pulut.

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