Friday, 1 May 2015

Sekar Watu Damar, Sungkai

Sekar Watu Damar, Sungkai

Sekar Watu Damar
Jalan Intan 1, Sungkai
(in front of BHP station)

Opens from 1 p.m.

So you're in Sungkai, Perak at night, looking for a place to eat. 

Good news! 
I found a place that serves delicious Malay food in town. Enter the address above into your Waze and follow the direction. 

Taste - Surprisingly good!
Price - RM43.70 for 2 pax including drinks
Ambiance - Ventilation can be improved, there were cats in the restaurant, al-fresco dining option available.

Honestly, I had to wait for quite a bit before our food arrived. It wasn't too long but longer than usual. Service was prompt, in case you're wondering. A waiter came to take our order as soon as we were seated. But the cooking took some time, perhaps because of the fish dish that we ordered.

  If you're *really* hungry, you should let them know or grab something light from the grocer nearby. 

  When the food arrived, I thought it was worth the wait. Fussy me ordered no veggie nasi goreng pataya (fried rice wrapped in omelette) and butter prawn. The fried rice was delicious! Not a single veggie lurking, omelette cooked well and nothing gooey. Well-seasoned too!

Sekar Watu Damar, Sungkai

Don't let the look of the butter prawn deceive you. It was worth every pound of fats in my hips.

Sekar Watu Damar, Sungkai Perak
Butter prawn - <3<3<3<3

Sekar Watu Damar
Steamed siakap (sea bass) - well-flavoured <3<3<3

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