Thursday, 14 May 2015

Zubaidy's Delight, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Zubaidy's Delight, Penang

28, Jalan Moulmein,
Pulau Tikus,

+6019 447 8078

Zubaidy's Delight was offering some promotion on Groupon and since I was heading north for an early Mother's Day celebration, I grabbed a couple of deals - 6 slices of cakes and dine-in. Quite easy to find the place but parking is another matter. The road in front of the shop is a one-way street and the area is surrounded by shops and offices with limited parking areas.

Zubaidy's Delight, Penang

Taste - Delicious pavlova. Fair cakes. Average mee Jawa and laksa Sarawak
Price - Fair
Ambiance - Cozy home-like decor

Zubaidy's Delight, Penang
Assorted desserts

Zubaidy's Delight, Penang
3 of the 6 slices of cakes (Groupon promo)

They have cookies, muffins, cakes, tarts, pavlova and other desserts. Whole cakes are available too but best if you call and order in advance. They don't usually stock whole cakes according to a girl who work there. Friendly service but don't expect professional restaurant.

Zubaidy's Delight, Penang
Cookies in the corner

Zubaidy's Delight, Penang
Mee Jawa <3<3

Zubaidy's Delight, Penang
Laksa Sarawak <3<3

Zubaidy's Delight, Penang
No egg smell, best eaten fresh!

Do I recommend the place?
Yes and no.

No if you want to eat proper food. Tons of better places.

Yes if you are looking for desserts in Penang. The cakes *could* be decorated prettier but they taste okay. The pavlovas are the best I've tasted so far.

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