Thursday, 7 May 2015

Idrus Ikan Bakar

Penang = Food

Although Penang offers variety of delicious food, I believe that it is seldom for visitors to come for the seafood. The usual suspects would be nasi kandar, pasembor and char kuey teow. Yawn~ 


So nak makan mana malam ni?

Did you know that near the Penang (first) Bridge island side (Batu Uban- keep left & turn left after exiting the bridge), there are a few ikan bakar restaurants? If you haven't, why not give them a try? The other day, I had dinner at Idrus Ikan Bakar and oh my, I'm so sharing the place with you!

Taste - In general, #iLike but there are a couple dishes which #iLove
Price - RM81 for 2 pax (Relax! Will explain further below)
Ambiance - Family-friendly 

Dinner at Idrus Ikan Bakar Batu Uban
Sotong goreng tepung, udang goreng butter, tom yam campur, telur dadar, nasi & juices (my pineapple juice not in pic)

Healthy eating kononnya, we ordered half plate of rice each. Rasa incomplete if makan seafood no nasi :p

The waiter asked, "udang nak berapa ekor?" (how many prawns would you like?)
In any restaurant, that is the cue. You know they charge per piece if they ask how many you want. Budak tamak gila udang (me!) asked for 8 prawns.

Now I know. Maximum 3 prawns per person. They don't give you those scrawny udang harimau like other typical tom yam restaurant.

Butter prawn at Idrus Ikan Bakar
#iLove butter prawn

Tom yam campur at Idrus Ikan Bakar
You can give the tom yam campur (mixed) a miss :(

The tom yam campur was too oily for my liking. Very spicy but like no purpose kind of spicy. Orang nak pedas supaya sedap but this one macam pedas for the sake of pedas. Boo~

Sotong goreng tepung at Idrus Ikan Bakar
Sotong goreng tepung #iLove #iLove

Firstly, I don't like squid. Tentacles. Janggut. Eyew~
The only time I can eat them is when they are fried; cut into little bite-size pieces and dipped in batter.
The sotong goreng tepung in Idrus Ikan Bakar is a winner! Sila order when you come here.

Back to the price. RM81 untuk 2 orang je?! Mahalnya!
Tak mahal. Seriously worth it. As I've mentioned, I bantai ordered 8 prawns (which turned out to be big ones) tapi tak menyesal pun sebab sedap.

Giant prawn at Idrus Ikan Bakar
Yummy! Ok ignore that black thingy. Belum buang letak tepi.

Giant prawn at Idrus Ikan Bakar
Ini one of the smaller prawn ya.

Operating hour 5 pm till late (1 or 2 am).
OK bye dah lapar nak siap pergi dinner.


I visited Idrus Ikan Bakar again recently. Initially, I wanted to try the "famous" place next door BUT I was sitting for about 10 minutes, just one table away from a table occupied by a waiter (he was wearing the restaurant's t-shirt) who was playing with his phone, and got ignored. Don't ask me why he was sitting at the table. 

  I said out loud, "tak ada orang nak ambil order ke?" (is there no one to take our food orders?) and the staff got up, walked to the cooks at a booth nearby and loiter there instead. At least 2 other tables were not served as well. So I got up and went to Idrus. No regret. 

Idrus Ikan Bakar, Penang
Dinner for 2- fried prawn, fried squid/calamari, tomyam & unidentified veggie dish

Idrus Ikan Bakar
I forgot which tom yam is this but it's the top one in the menu. Way better than the tomyam campur fm my last visit.

Delicious food, good service. Why go anywhere else?

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