Thursday, 7 August 2014

PNK Sepang Resort

Happy eid ul Fitr, maaf zahir batin to all Muslim readers. Hope you had a wonderful raya and will enjoy all the open houses throughout this months. Tweet me at @SheaSonia if you find/make any interesting dish or cookies. I'd love to see them!

To others, how was your holiday? I know some people were very anxious to get back to work. You aren't one of them, are you?

Anyway, mom booked some chalets in Bagan Lalang, Selangor on third day of raya. Commonly known as Chalet Persatuan Nelayan Bagan Lalang, PNK Sepang Resort offers basic accommodation suitable for families.

Chalet Persatuan Nelayan Entrance
Entrance facing the sea

Booking - Can't find online booking facility. Call 03-3141 3182 or email
Rate - Fair & affordable from RM80+ per night
Location - Good. Near seafood restaurants that Bagan Lalang is popular of. Separated from the beach by a road.
Dining - Not applicable but you can have BBQ here, BYO style.
Service - Average. No room service, please note.

Overall 2 <3<3 of 5

Chalet no. 14
This is the room that I got

If anyone in your party is fussy like me, but you want to book this place anyway, heed these tips:

1) Arrive during daytime
2) Avoid chalet no. 14 (Ros)
3) Consider bringing your own bed sheet & blanket

I arrived late at night and I was honestly appalled at the state of the chalet. Gaudy wall colors, harsh lighting and dubious looking beds. I couldn't sleep the first night but things looked better during the day. I blame the lighting.

Wardrobe in PNK Sepang Resort
Rickety almari

Living area in chalet no.14
Living area

Bathroom PNK Sepang Resort
Bathroom. Got hot water, don't worry. Still I geli >.<

View from bed
View from bed. Hate the blanket & bed sheet

The picture above is one of the pics I took while I couldn't sleep the first night I arrived. The living area is behind the door with no lock. There are a king/queen bed and a single bed in the room. I placed my luggage on the single bed instead of the rickety wardrobe.

PNK Sepang Resort
Other chalets. There are a few gazebos (wakaf) opposite the chalets

PNK Sepang Resort pet
There were ants everywhere. Aside from cats.

To check-out return the towel, TV remote and room key. And you're done!

Being with my extended family saved the trip for me. Oh, and the view across the road :)

Bagan Lalang
Not very clean but acceptable enough

If you're on a budget or wish to have BBQ or simple cooking for big family getaway, this might be a good option for you. Just try to get chalet no. 16 & 17. They are better, in my opinion.

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