Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pusing-pusing Port Dickson

Date: 23rd - 24th August 2014


Seems forever since the last time I posted a #GoJalan2 entry, eh? Anyway, it's time to visit Port Dickson! Did you know that other than the beaches, there are a few point of interests that you might want to visit. I missed the Kompleks Sejarah Pengkalan Kempas this time but I'll try to visit it the next time I can.

  I did manage to visit a few places worth of mention though. So next time you're there for some sand and sun, do visit these places as well!

  First, I went to the Lukut Museum or Muzium Kota Lukut just before the Port Dickson town (from KL). Don't use Waze or Google Map. Follow the signboard once you exit the highway. 

Kota dan Muzium Lukut

There was no other visitor when I arrived and that made me very happy. Despite having to climb up some stairs. There are plenty of stairs here and I don't remember if the place is wheelchair-friendly. 

  The old fort is situated above the hill and I guess visitors can climb up those stairs to reach the fort after/before visiting the museum. I drove up the hill after touring the museum, of course.

Lukut Museum
Stairs going up to the old fort (I guess)

Kota Lukut
The Lukut Fort

That's the fort! No short cut as the wall is quite high and surrounded by (empty) moat so you gotta walk. Totally worth it. Especially since there was no other visitor :p But you might want to visit in the morning or late evening when it isn't too hot.

  I spent more time than what I expected in Muzium Kota Lukut- well over an hour. So I had just enough time for my spa appointment in Thai Odyssey The Guest Hotel & Spa.

  Rejuvenated after a good traditional Thai massage, time to fill my tummy! Lunch was at Mannusalwa. I wanted cheese naan, unfortunately they are only available in the evening. Had chicken briyani instead. Oh so sedap! The curry was rich but the rice not too 'heavy' and I like the fried chicken.

Mannusalwa Chicken Briyani
Chicken Briyani <3<3<3<3

Just after 3 p.m. I checked-in at Port Dickson Golf & Country Club. It seems like the standard check-in time in Port Dickson is 3 p.m. Most places I've been to offers check-in at 2 p.m kan? The accommodation was okay, check-in was quick and efficient.

Port Dickson Golf & Country Club

After quickly refreshing up, I headed out to the Muzium Tentera Darat or the PD Army Museum. It is situated in the Bandar Tentera Darat and therefore easy to find as long as you follow the signboard. 

Bandar Tentera Darat
Army Museum ahead~

Yep. More stairs to climb!

Muzium Tentera Darat
Stairs from the parking lot

You'll need over an hour to fully appreciate this place, despite many of the interactive displays were out of service. It has a tunnel that isn't as scary as the one in Penang War Museum :)

PD Army Museum
End of tunnel

Then, we drove around finding beaches and taking photos. PD beaches are cleaner than I remember. Kudos to those in charge!

Pantai Dickson
Dickson Beach

Blue Lagoon, PD
Blue Lagoon

Pantai Dickson
Dickson Beach

Then, it started to rain. Heavily. 
Tar pao-ed dinner from King's Char Kuey Teow and ate in the room. Yummy! Can't find the pic though but definitely a place to check out if you like char kuetiau. It is situated right next to the main road near a junction. There's a huge, pretty tree in front of it.

Sunday, I switched off my tourist mode and put on baju kurung for my friend's wedding. End of #PusingPusingPortDickson~

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