Thursday, 9 October 2014

Go Makan in Bangkok, Thailand

Finding halal food in Bangkok can be a challenge if you don't know where to look but fret not. You can opt for the baked stuff from bakeries like Au Bon Pain or if you simply MUST see that 'halal' sign before you can even order, let me share a few places :)

Au Bon Pain
Muffin was so-so. Mushroom soup deliciously hot and I love that lychee ice blended

Then there is that Indian place near BTS Nana in Soi 11. I don't remember the name. Bawarchi I think. Acceptable food but slow service. The manager came to our table later to explain that it is because they serve everything fresh. Yeah. Including the bottled water my friends ordered, I guess. If you don't mind waiting for a bit, you can try this place.

Decoration in the restaurant
Waterfall behind our seats :)

After dinner, we went to Fraser Suites Sukhumvit for the rooftop bar. Above Eleven is definitely one of my favourite places in Bangkok. It's okay if you don't drink. They have delicious mocktails and my fav is the Rebirth - mix of celery, cucumber, mint and orange juice.

Mocktail at Above Eleven
The SO refreshing Rebirth!

Bangkok is full of rooftop bars but if you want somewhere quite casual (no flip-flops/sandal though!) with gorgeous view, Above Eleven is the place :) Check out reviews in TripAdvisor.

Above Eleven
On a bench. I love the leafy maze concept!

Chatucak Weekend Market offers lots of treasures to be discovered. A useful advice (aside from 'bring lots of cash') to heed came from my friend, Fara. She said, "if you see anything you like, buy it. You won't find it in another shop". SO true. And the best part? There is a place near the tower clock which sells delicious and HALAL Thai food. Walk towards the tower clock and follow your nose. That's how I found the place :p

Tomyam in Chatucak Market
Best tomyam ever! <3<3<3<3<3

Fried chicken in Chatucak Market
Fried chicken, enough for two <3<3

Massage parlor next door
That's the kedai. Right next to a massage parlor. We were sitting at the extra area as the main shop was full.

Bangkok is panas. Luckily, I ordered the...
Expect to get hooked~

Coffee World in Terminal 21, Sukhumvit.

Love the chocolate mousse cake! Try it after you're done shopping in Terminal 21. 

Coffee World

Breeze, Lebua at State Tower

I only ordered dessert here. The larva cake was alright. I accidentally took a mouthful of blue cheese so yeah. It was dark and pictures didn't look too good.
Make a reservation if you enjoy fusion food. Or you can always try the other restaurants in the building. Not sure if any of them are certified halal though :)

Breeze - candle light dining

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