Friday, 17 October 2014

Mannusalwa, Port Dickson


Most Malaysians would know Port Dickson but how many of us know where can 'makan sedap' in Port Dickson? I had that trouble a couple months ago when I was visiting. 

  My online 'research' suggested that there aren't many choice aside from the seafood and when you're not in the mood for seafood, that isn't a good news. Luckily I came across a suggestion for the best cheese naan in town. 


Finding the shop is quite easy. Just head towards that roundabout near the temple. Mannusalwa is located at the row of shops there. It's right opposite the Kolej Jururawat building below.


A typical mamak restaurant set up, seemed to be popular among the locals.


Unfortunately for me who came during lunch hour, there was no cheese naan. Cheese naan is only available in the evening (mamat waiter cakap). Fortunately, I got to taste one of the best-est chicken briyani rice evahhh~


I don't like too much gravy so this is perfect for me!


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