Friday, 20 June 2014

Amansari Residence Resort, Masai, Johor

Why Masai? What to do in Masai?

Well, if you are not 'balik kampung' for raya/CNY or have siblings studying in UiTM/Excelsior/UniKL or planning to eat/play golf nearby, there's not much reason to need a hotel in Masai. But when you do need to stay, you might want to consider Amansari Residence Resort.

Booking - Very easy, multiple ways
Rate - No idea. Mom paid :p Affordable, I'd say.
Location - Average. Easily found.
Dining - Average
Service - Good

Overall: 3 <3<3<3 of 5

Check-in and check-out were quick. Room was not very spacious but comfortable and equipped with mini bar, iron, ironing board, basic toiletries, hair dryer, etc. There's a safety box as well but it was already locked. Room was clean even if the balcony was quite dusty.

Bathroom. Toilet is behind the door

Shower and the basic toiletries

Comfy bed
Comfy bed and pretty painting


Mini bar. Hairdryer in the drawer, iron & ironing board in the wardrobe

A bit dusty :(

View from the room
View from the room

I ordered room service for dinner. Asked for no veggie fried rice but what arrived about half an hour later was veggie fried rice. When I told room service the problem, they sent the correct plate and let us keep the wrong plate FOC. Commendable in crisis management, I'd say!


Veggie fried rice
This is supposed to be the fried rice no veggie. Not a piece of chicken in sight

Fried rice no veggie
The one they sent after I complained. At least there's a prawn there! Yay!

Breakfast was okay. Plenty of tables available and they served variety of food (mainly local) at the buffet line. Taste wise- average. There are swimming pools and dipping pool (or was it jacuzzi?) but I didn't take a closer look. It's shaded (in the building) so, meh for me. Gym looked clean and well-equipped. They also have spa in the complex.


Breakfast area

Breakfast area
From the lobby, walk down the stairs

View of breakfast area
Breakfast area from outside

Breakfast area

Plenty of parking available. Once you get your room card, you can touch that to enter instead of taking the ticket.

In short, this hotel is a good choice if you need to stay in Masai :)

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