Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kedai Makan Rahmat, Pasir Gudang, Johor

Hello all!

Sorry about the Kedah post menyelit tengah-tengah. I just need to publish them before I forget :p

Now let's see more about Johore and start with the famous Kedai Makan Rahmat in Pasir Gudang. It is easy to find this place if you have Waze. Keep cool when you pass a Muslim cemetery. You're on the right path :)

Kedai Makan Rahmat
You know you've arrived when you see this

Taste - #iLove
Price - Affordable. RM64 for 5 pax
Ambiance - Family-friendly, wooden building on water

If your kids are naughty, please ensure that they don't go stomping around the place. Jalan macam manusia normal please.

  Anyway, the place was crowded when we arrived. However, they are very efficient even if we didn't have reservation. To secure a table, especially if you come with big group, call and make a reservation at 607 271 1770 or 019 740 8847. 

  A man greeted us as we arrived, asked if we have reservation and when we said we didn't, he directed us to a counter to place our order. Babah ordered for us while mak was ushered to a table ready with 5 plates of rice. Efficient no?

  We had siakap goreng (fried), fried prawn, fried chicken, ayam (chicken) masak merah, some kuah, fried egg with a jug of iced lime. The fried siakap came with special sauce which made it much more delicious.

Kedai Makan Rahmat siakap goreng
Siakap goreng (fried Siakap)

Kedai Makan Rahmat fried prawn
Fried prawns

Kedai Makan Rahmat
I don' t know what kuah is that in the middle :p

We didn't have to wait long for the food to arrive. The place may be crowded but the team kept their cool and served efficiently. Kudos!

Kedai Makan Rahmat view
View from the restaurant

Kedai Makan Rahmat view
Gorgeous view :)

People were still arriving as we left. In fact, we barely managed to get out of the parking before a car promptly took the space. Nak reverse the car to make turn pun cannot. Dah lapar sangatlah tu.

Kedai Makan Rahmat
Bye Kedai Makan Rahmat! Hope to see you again.

Kedai Makan Rahmat
Close on Fridays. Take note!

There's another restaurant nearby which I wanted to visit. Unfortunately it only opens at 4pm :(

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