Thursday, 5 June 2014

Savaro, Paragon Mall Penang

Having been to Savaro Publika, I expected the newly opened Savaro in Paragon Mall to be at least at par. After all, Felda is known for their delicious food and good service. When Groupon offered a deal at Savaro Paragon Mall, I took up the offer.

Taste - It was just OK. I personally prefer Savaro Publika better.
Price - Fair. RM57 for 2 pax. Groupon was RM25 for RM50 voucher so I paid additional RM7 only.
Ambiance - Classy and cosy BUT the outlet need a better ventilation system. I could smell the cooking and I was sitting outside. I don't think many would enjoy smelling like a cafeteria.

View from Savaro alfresco
View from my table

Wasn't really in the mood for al fresco dining but hey, better outside than walking around the mall smelling like fried food! They should also consider changing the sofa-ish chair. It is too low, short people can hang their chin on the table.

Tables outside of Savaro Penang
Tables are quite close together so don't expect anything romantic if you sit outside. 

View from Savaro
More view

Seaview from Savaro
If only they rearrange the chairs, diners would be able to enjoy the seaview better

Mocktail in Savaro

Mocktail in Savaro Penang

Dessert in Savaro Penang
Sago pudding in Savaro

Savaro Promo
Savaro promo. T&C apply.

Nasi kerabu in Savaro
Savaro's nasi kerabu

Actually, we ordered nasi kerabu and nasi dagang. After about 15 mins, a staff came to the table and told us that nasi dagang was out of stock. Another room for improvement there.

  As you can see from the picture below, the keropok lekor was in plastic container. No, it is not their usual presentation. What happened was, I couldn't wait so I asked the staff to tarpao ALL the food.

  At first, the staff who earlier came to inform us about the nasi dagang told me that the main course will be ready in 5 mins. True enough, one plate of nasi kerabu came in 5 mins but there was no sign of the other plate. Since I had another appointment and never win How Fast Can You Eat? I insisted that they pack everything.

Hooray for one particular staff who was very polite and accommodating! I ate after my appointment so maybe that's why the food didn't taste too good. 

Keropok lekor in Savaro

Total bill

In conclusion, Savaro Penang has great potential (being a HALAL restaurant in Penang) but need a lot of improvement. See the receipt. Officially I was there for 36 mins - not including time to wait for a server (the place was quite busy apparently), ordering, and waiting for the food to be packed and returned to the table. Not sure how the lunch crowd is like :)

I will come back again (God's willing) but not anytime soon or when I am pressed for time. Hopefully Savaro Paragon Mall Penang will be better by then!

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