Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cafe Studio, Kota Damansara

Hey, it's June already!

What better way to chill on the weekend with friends and loved ones than to lepak at Cafe Studio which is far away from the office. Not applicable if you work in Kota Damansara lah. Hehe.

You'd probably have seen many reviews raving about this place. Rumah dah dekat but last week baru I sempat visit this cafe/studio. It's on the first floor so you gotta take d lift or climb some stairs- I suggest the latter. It is same row with AshhAnnas (but block lain), the block is right next to Encorp The Strand.

Taste - #iLike
Price - RM250+ for 7 pax
Ambiance - Modern and artsy. I love how they have natural lighting area and 'exhibition lighting' area. Pick your fav.

Operating hours- from 12 noon to 10 pm, close on Thursday.

This is a pork-free cafe. If you and/or your loved ones are strict about it, best to avoid. Not nice lah if ada yang tarik muka at table when they see 'Beer battered chicken' in the menu. Sorry not much pics of the food but I promise you, they are sedap.

Stairs going to Cafe Studio
When you see this, you know you're heading to the right place!

Starter at Cafe Studio
Hajar Kamal's dunnowhat eggs :p

Food at Cafe Studio
Adamvai's mushroom something >.<

Drink at Cafe Studio
My pandan-lime drinks

Olio aglio at Cafe Studio
Rapunzel Dada's olio aglio

Cafe Studio food
Can't remember the name but it is house specialty- #iLove

Cafe Studio food
Seafood something. Muslims can ask for 'no wine' version

Cafe Studio drinks
Serai drinks- usually I'd order this but saja order lain

Food generally delicious. A few other dishes tak take pic sebab tuan dia dah lapar and the rest of us dah jalan-jalan around the cafe to take pics. If got other patrons please be polite ya. Jangan bising-bising or buat perangai stalker and take their pics just because you want a shot of the decor. Common sense ye dak?

Decor at Cafe Studio
Levitating tree

Decor in Cafe Studio
Cool idea for home deco

Decor in Cafe Studio
Seems like things tend to levitate here...

Decor in Cafe Studio
Like I said, pick a table!

For sale in Cafe Studio
Fancy anything? Just check the price tag

Clock on the ceiling
Took me a while to notice where they projected clock on the ceiling from

This is a special place...
made even more special by my girls!

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