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Go Jalan Johor Bahru

Too lazy for a special hashtag on this trip. Blame the weather ;)

Johor Darul Takzim
Date: 7th - 9th June 2014 (Sat - Mon)

Johor (Johore) is a state in the south of Malaysia. Situated next to Singapore, it is a cheaper alternative to staying in Singapore's pricey hotels. You can choose to take bus or drive from Johor Bahru (JB) to get to Singapore. Of course, there are plenty of attractions to visit in JB or other places in Johore itself!

DAY 1 (Saturday)

The plan was to leave Damansara at 7 a.m (haha!) and stop by Muar for Sai Kee Coffee (434) or murtabak Singapore. Suffice it to say that we left much later, had to skip Muar and I drove directly to Pasir Gudang for lunch at Kedai Makan Rahmat.

Kedai Makan Rahmat

View from Kedai Makan Rahmat
Nice view, eh?

Right after lunch, we went to Amansari Residence Hotel in Seri Alam. Conveniently located by the main road, it was easy to find the hotel. Checked-in for one night, wanted to go to the spa but I changed my mind after seeing the Facebook page =D

Amansari Residence Hotel

  Shopped a bit at Tesco afterwards and got back to hotel. Stayed in for dinner as I was too tired to go out as planned. No mee rebus :( but the food from room service was okay lah. Something happened but I'll cerita later. 

  Didn't realise what time I fell asleep but the next day babah asked if we heard the noise from the event nearby. No one else hear the noise and here's the catch, my dad is the one who has hearing problem :p jeng jeng jeng~

DAY 2 (Sunday)

Breakfast at hotel and stayed in until check-out time. It's kind of nice to just laze around and do nothing sometimes. Again, I'm blaming the weather for my laziness.

  Dropped by Tesco Seri Alam for lunch. Parents said the food at the food court agak decent. They tried the night before while I was 'enjoying' the room service.

  Eh but the food court memang a gem lah! It is very seldom to find delicious food in food court but they have a few winners here. Murtabak sedap, bakso not bad, chicken rice also nice and my fav was the nasi goreng ayam kunyit (no veggie of course).

Nasi goreng ayam kunyit in food court Tesco Seri Alam
Handsome kan nasi goreng ayam kunyit ni?

Stuffed from lunch, I drove to Danga Bay to check-in at Zoom Inn Boutique Hotel. Hands down my fav hotel in the area. Cheap, clean & cosy. Location also convenient. No frills lah tapi ya but I totally love the rain water shower & unique sliding door (not to mention the whimsical decor!).

Warning: ensure that your room mate is someone you're very comfortable with. 

Zoom Inn Boutique Hotel reception area
Zoom Inn Boutique Hotel reception

Cancelled trip to the zoo due to the unbearable heat and stayed in room to watch telly. Dinner was at the friendly and delicious Seri Senibong Seafood. Make sure you come and visit this place if you're in town. Parking entry fee only RM2 and do come early to see the sunset ;) Muslims need not worry as got surau in the area.

Senibong Seafood

Stuffed (again) and we went to shop at Pasar Karat (Bazar JB). I didn't buy anything but I saw plenty of cafes in the area. Very nice for cafe hopping!

Pasar Karat
One of the cafe in the Pasar Karat area

DAY 3 (Monday)

Checked-out early to head back to Damansara. Cancelled plan (should rename this to Cancel Jalan JB) to breakfast at Warung Pokok Ceri so no laksam for me *pout*

Johor Premium Outlets

Managed to beat the traffic jam in town and we reached Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) before the crowd descend :p Had breakfast at the cafeteria, not recommended. Shopping was okay but did not find any real bargain. Girl at La Senza was very friendly and helpful but the salesgirl at one of the perfume outlets was... uhm, curt.

"Hi, do you carry Bvlgari Aqva?"
"What?" Salesgirl
"Bvulgari" Me
"No. Thank you!" Salesgirl
I was like, "uhm... thanks!" and walked out without checking the LancĂ´me set I saw near the display window.     

Left JPO around 1ish and I fell asleep in the car (dad was driving). Woke up to find that we were stuck in a jam near Yong Peng due to road construction. If you're driving to Johor anytime soon, do plan your time properly and expect to get stuck in traffic congestion. Arrived home just after 6 p.m and we all went straight to shower rooms because the weather was SO panas!!!

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