Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Coffee O'Clock, Kota Damansara

Coffee O'Clock
No. 28-1, Ground Floor, 
Jalan PJU 5/5, 
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara.
+6012 973 5360
8 am - 12 am
Tried this place with Hajar Kamal the other day for brunch. First impression, super-friendly! They greet their customers the moment a customer steps into the place. Very good start to win my heart :)

You can choose a table or go straight to the counter to order and pick an available table later. Select something from the blackboard behind the counter or the dessert display and make your payment. Then go to your preferred table and wait quietly, chat, read a book or snap pics of the place.

Coffee O'Clock Dataran Sunway Interior Decoration
Those framed arts on the wall are for sale!

Coffee O'Clock outdoor sitting area
Sit outside

Coffee O'Clock Interior Deco
or inside. There are plenty of tables for all~

Coffee O'Clock Counter
Order & pay there. Go peep at the desserts too!

Remember to fill the tip jar near the cashier for this lovely crew!
Wasn't long before our drinks and food arrived. Looks delicious eh? Good portion too!

Coffee O'Clock Lasagna
My lasagna. I forgot to ask beef or chicken =P

Hajar's English breakfast. Pic credit: Hajar Kamal

"Latte satu... nak cute coffee art eh!" Pic credit: Hajar Kamal

Shea & Hajar at Coffee O'Clock
Time stops here. Tau-tau over 2 hours of gossiping already.

Shea taking pics in Coffee O'Clock
Pic credit: Hajar Kamal

Taste - #iLove my lasagna, guava juice & orange juice
Ambiance - Cosy, Artsy
Price - only RM36 for all we ordered. I say that's reasonable.

You can Waze this place. Apa lagi? Go lah!

Twitter: @coffeeoclockDS

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  1. Such a sweet post, thank you for your kind words!