Friday, 9 May 2014

Go Jalan East Coast: From Kelantan to Cherating

Date: 1st - 4th May 2014 (Thu - Sun)

DAY 3 (Saturday)

One of THE place to be at breakfast in Kota Bharu is Kopitiam Kita. It hosts all the delicious food from all over Kelantan under one roof. The in-house specialty? Roti Titap.

Taste - Only the best
Ambiance - Crowded (-.-")
Price - Fair. Only RM34 for 5 pax including 4 roti titap, nasi berlauk air dingin, nasi tumpang (udang), pulut pagi & drinks.

Various food from all over Kelantan at Kopitiam Kita
All you have to do is choose. If a basket is empty, hang around.
Nasi Berlauk Air Dingin at Kopitiam Kita
#iLike Nasi Berlauk Air Dingin
Nasi tumpang udang at Kopitiam Kita
#iLove nasi tumpang. #iLove prawn
Roti titap Kopitiam Kita
Roti titap, exclusive from Kopitiam Kita, Kota Bharu

Tummy full, ready to go to Cherating! But first, I wanted to go to Pantai Bisikan Bayu. Google Map decided to bring me to Pantai Irama instead.

Pantai Irama
Pantai Irama yang tenang, not.

Nampak macam tak ada orangkan? Hah!

There's a market over there. And lots of people. Toilet dia kalau tak perlu, tak payah masuk ya. They charged 50 sen/entry but it was DIRTY!

Pantai Irama vendors

Pantai Irama scenery

Irama Beach

Irama Beach Kelantan

Now, to find Pantai Bisikan Bayu...

Coastal road in Kelantan

On the road to Pantai Bisikan Bayu
I love roadtrip. Don't you?

We finally found Pantai Bisikan Bayu! Hooray!!
Pretty empty, I'd say. Not sure why.

Pantai Bisikan Bayu at noon
Pantai Bisikan Bayu at noon
Pulut pagi from Kopitiam Kita
Ate the pulut pagi tarpao-ed from Kopitiam Kita. Me no likey =(

Then we continued our journey towards Cherating via Terengganu. It wasn't my first time in Terengganu but I have to admit that I just realised how GORGEOUS the beaches are! I can't remember which picture is of which beach but I know that we stopped at Pantai Penarik around 1.05 pm.

Check out the pics!

Terengganu beach
I'm not sure what those are...
Crossing a bridge in Terengganu
Crossing one of the many bridges
Terengganu beach

Terengganu beach
"Indah bagai lukisan"
Terengganu beach

Terengganu beach
The pics aren't doing the beaches any justice!

Like seriously. You gotta be there to believe it.
I'm just excited that Terengganu is on my list for a full visit (next) and along the way I found a few resorts I like.


In Terengganu... the journey continued. Can you guess where?

On the road to Teluk Ketapang
A place to satisfy my crunchy craving is just around the corner...

Have you been to Terengganu? How do you like it?