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Habib Hotel, Kota Bharu

Selalu confused dengan ejaan 'Bahru' or 'Bharu'. Kalau Johor, it is Johor Bahru kan? Kenapa beza ya?

Anyway, today we're looking at Kota Bharu (thanks, Google!). In particular, the hotel I stayed in on 1 - 3 March 2014. Makanya review ini valid untuk hari yang dinyatakan. Boleh buat panduan, tapi bukan kepastian. Hopefully, this will help you in planning your trip to Kota Bharu :)

Booking - Very Easy via
Rate - RM320 (3 Days 2 Nights) Superior room with breakfast
Location - Good
Dining - Average breakfast buffet
Service - Accommodating

Overall: 4 <3<3<3<3 of 5

Habib Hotel Kota Bharu has so much potential. Located in the middle of the town, it is quite easy to find the hotel. It is also within walking distance (if you're not a lazy bum like me) to several Kota Bharu attractions. Plenty of well-shaded parking spots in front of the hotel. However, there was an event on Friday morning I stayed and the parking area was packed from 8.30 am till a little after 10.30 am. 

I don't know if it's a weekly thing.

Encik-encik, sebelah main entrance hotel ada kedai emas Habib Jewel. Bersedialah dengan credit card kalau puan-puan anda suka barang kemas =)

Check-in was a breeze, no drama mama like some hotels yang buat hal if you book via third party like Agoda.
Carpark in front of Habib Hotel
View from room in level 2 - parking. Hello, car!

Bed in habib hotel
Comfy bed but...

The room appeared clean enough. If you can ignore the wall and some stains here and there. TAPI, if you have sensitive skin like mine, make sure you expose as little skin as possible to the bed sheet, blanket, carpeting, etc. My skin went itchy and developed rashes after I slept in tank tops and hot pants.

Bathroom was clean. Toilet functioning properly, enough toilet paper provided. No bathtub, just shower with hot water. Okay water pressure but I don't fancy the look. Haha.

No mini bar but they provided kettle, some instant coffee/tea stuff. Sufficient power points to charge your gadgets. Selain daripada tiang pelik kat tengah alam tu, I'd say the room is good value for money at RM160/night.

Superior Room in Habib Hotel

Wall in Habib Hotel
Dah boleh repaint dah ni kan...

Rupa elevator in the hotel. Still cannot decide scary or amusing. Since there's only one elevator, the wait can be a minor annoyance to some. Just take the stairs behind receptionlah. After all the food you'll be eating in Kota Bharu, you might want to get *some* exercise.

Elevator in Habib Hotel
Masuk, shut the door (manually), baru press the button to floor you're going

Forgive me, I tak bernafsu nak ambil pics during breakfast (not a morning person) so no pic of the breakfast room. Breakfast kat hotel sekali je pun sebab the second morning tu we went for breakfast at Kopitiam Kita. Buffet style, the offering was average. Nothing to complain, nothing to talk about.

Check-out pun senang. Sekejap je dah settled since everything prepaid kan.

Masa I datang, pokok bunga kat hujung parking tengah berbunga. So chantek! Random, I know.

Flower tree in front of the hotel

Why I gave 4 kisses rating to this hotel? Considering the location and accessibility, comfortable bed, clean room and price, it's a good choice for couples and small families. Big families pun boleh but kena ambil banyak-banyak rooms la kan =D Might as well cari homestay~

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