Monday, 19 May 2014

The Legend Resort, Cherating

What is your favourite hotel in Cherating?

I've never been to Club Med so for me, it was The Legend Resort. I love the beach, particularly the huge trees on the beach where I can sit and read or write. The rooms on the ground floor have sliding doors that open to the garden and just a few steps away to the gorgeous beach.

Unfortunately... masa pergi dengan family mana nak perasan pukul berapa check-in, staff's quality of service, etc. kan. Dah besar ni, pergi sendiri, deal sendiri... baru tau langit tinggi rendah. Especially if ada drama at the hotel after a long journey.


Booking - Very easy via but check-in was a different story
Rate - RM222.14 (2 Days 1 Night) Superior room with breakfast
Location - Good. Right next to the main road.
Dining - Average. Good food, poor ambiance.
Service - Friendly trainees, bellboys and security personnel but the permanent staff could use some training & motivation courses.

Overall: 3 <3<3<3 of 5

Check-in could have been more smooth. I arrived after 6 pm- not a busy period so I couldn't understand why the process was a bit slow. After collecting the room key (yes, key not access card) I went to park the car. Nearby parking spots all taken.

Suddenly I remembered that I had no idea where the breakfast will be at as it wasn't mentioned by the front desk. So I walked back to the reception and they told me that it's "downstairs". Uhm, okay. No coupon, just mention your room number. Wokay, roger that!

The room given was on the same floor with the reception but at a different wing. Quite a walk juga lah but I didn't carry much luggage so it was OK for me. If you travel like Paris Hilton, you might want to drop your bags at the lobby and get the person in charge to carry them for you.

Upon nearing the room, I saw that the door was ajar. Felt something amiss but I pushed open the door anyway and saw this...

Given an unmade room upon arriving at The Legend Cherating
Tadaaahhh~ An unmade room!

At first, I thought I had entered someone else's room. Checked the number on the key, "eh betul!". So I asked a cleaner standing nearby why was the room seemed occupied. She said, "Oh, ada orang tukar bilik (someone changed room). Bilik tu tak siap lagi (That room is not ready)."

My bitchy face memang tak boleh sorok dah. Went back to reception, I told a permanent staff (a trainee served me earlier) about what I found. He took the key, went into a room and came back with another envelope containing another key with new room number written besar-besar as if la I rabun cannot see. 

Not a single "sorry" ya. But the management responded to my review on TripAdvisor and apologised there. I'm guessing there are some issues that need to be sorted out internally. 

Superior room The Legend Cherating
Comfy bed :)

Shower in superior room
Shower stall could use some scrubbing
Water pressure OK but the stall had an unpleasant, sweaty-ish smell. After a while, even the water had an unpleasant scent.

Washroom of superior room
Clean washroom

Spacious room in The Legend Cherating
Spacioussss room!

Vanity table
Desk cum vanity table

Swimming pool in The Legend Cherating
Swimming pool

View of hotel from the beach
Hotel from the beach

Beach at The Legend Cherating
Beach after sunset

Broken parts in the lift
Broken but someone took the part away on the next day

Gorgeous morning
Good morning!

Quiet beach
Quiet, clean and spacious beach

The Legend Cherating beach
Pretty like a picture :)
Didn't take any pic during breakfast. Breakfast room was crowded at 8.30 am and I was annoyed with couples who took tables for family, leaving others with no place to sit. At first glace, buffet selection looked limited but there was plenty on offer. Seriously plenty. I love the curry noodle *yummy*

Check-out was slow as well. I wasn't informed what the delay was before they returned my deposit. Reception area wasn't air-conditioned thus waiting was a bit uncomfortable.

Not planning on returning to this place. I'm eyeing the hotel next door for my next visit, God's willing.

Read reviews on TripAdvisor.

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