Friday, 30 May 2014

Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo

Breakfast at Din Tokyo

Last weekend I went to Kota Bharu. Yes, again!
The first thing I did was breakfast at Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo. Didn't get the chance to drop by the last time I was in town so I wanted to see what was so hot about this place.

Taste - #iLike
Price - Very cheap. Only RM11 for 2 pax.
Ambiance - Friendly, small kedai kopi. Try to get a table outside, else sit inside, bar-style and watch Din Tokyo in action. Only on long bench instead of stool.

Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo
Sounded like 'telur taliban' to me but I'm pretty sure the pakcik meant something else.

Halia madu Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo
My honey ginger :)

Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo
Kopi O'

Nasi tumpang
Nasi tumpang

I have no idea how the pakcik can prepare drinks/eggs, layan his customers and stay so friendly. Must be exhausting. But it was totally amusing to watch la.

Around the 'bar' ada many local food. Pilih je la mana you want. Nearest to me was nasi tumpang, sempat took one then a guy came and tarpao the rest :(

Give this place a try. Seats are limited so be here early!

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